The 1970–72 Chevy Monte Carlo is a muscle car bargain


It is likely the car I describe in a post below. I thought it a 72 but probably was a 70. An incredible conversion it is an stunning in appearance.


I have never been a big Chevy guy, but these “first generation” Monte Carlos I have always had a soft spot for. “Masculine elegance” is right on the money, and come to think of it; is why I have liked them. Great lines and dimensions. I think they’re best left stock, although many have been hot-rodded by now. Strange that these have lingered in the lower price ranges, guess you should grab one before word gets out…


What issue, I’d love to see it?


I remember in my teen years a family friend had a 70 or 71 ss 454 Monte. I got to drive it once and man that thing would haul. I myself like the 4th gen montes. I have an 86 ss all original. No beast by any means but i really like the looks of these cars.