The 1970 DeVille convertible was a fabulous farewell

There’s always been a certain mystique about a Cadillac convertible. In my opinion, at least. The Good Life. A fine home, Sundays at the country club, vacations to Florida. A gin and tonic, followed by a steak dinner. After World War II, more and more Americans found themselves within shouting distance of that dream. A Cadillac convertible was part and parcel of it, of course. And in 1970, just as the nation was settling in for a tough decade of recession, the final DeVille convertible was offered for sale.

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Every doodad available was hanging off of that one. Interesting you would mention a Chevy in comparison. Any 2door mid-size 1970 Chevy is an instant classic, not to even mention words like SS or Z-28. You rode in a Cadillac as a kid, I rode in Chevies. I guess that’s really the bottom line.

Congratulations on taking a photo of a car with the hood open. Maybe next time you’ll take advantage of the hood being up to take a picture of the engine. Who wants to tell me that my problem with this guy is his taste in cars this time?