The 1979 Lincoln Continental Williamsburg Edition was rare, precious

Not that I am a strong Lincoln enthusiast, but the Mark II wasn’t really a Lincoln was it? Wasn’t it technically a Continental, (hand made and all, the American Rolls Royce) when Ford trying to have a full line of cars and a halo car. I think Lincoln was supposed to be the next tier down from Continental as part of the MEL Division. The Mark III was definitely sold as a Lincoln though. Sort of reminds me when people say a car is a Chrysler Imperial, when it really was just “Imperial” except for the 30s and maybe the last one in the 80s?

That line was inserted by the editors…

Editors/writer… same difference, the Hagerty team needs more help with vintage vehicle facts. It’s not like this is the first time an article was just factually incorrect. I see these mistakes in more of your articles than not.

I the earlier days, that was correct. Continental was launched as it’s own division. After a few years it was folded into Lincoln.

Which is why there are actually two Mark III’s I guess. A Continental Mark III and then a Lincoln Continental Mark III later on.

Actually, the Continental Division had been disbanded by November of 1956 when Edsel took over their offices. They had nothing to do with the 1958 Lincolns as “Continental” just became a model, not a make. This was written by Elmer Rohn, head of the interior systems for Continental. Continental was never “folded” into Lincoln and left no forwarding address.62127186_10216904438697311_4530551878592757760_n|515x282

So really the only Continental was the Mark II it appears.