The 1984–89 Toyota MR2 is getting pricier, but you can still score a deal

We absolutely heap praise on the Mazda Miata for bringing the cheap, cheerful sports car back from the grave in 1989. Fair enough—Miatas are great, and it’s the world’s best-selling sports car for a reason. Then again, the folks at Toyota beat Mazda to the punch by a half decade with their similarly diminutive, similarly cheap and cheerful MR2.

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I almost bought one of these instead of my 1985 Celica Supra. I’d owned an X1/9 for about 9 years and always enjoyed it, but man, are they SLOOOOW!

The Supra had a higher ‘emotional attachment factor’, so it won, but I still love the little MR2’s

  • Jim

I had a 1987 with t tops. Was a fun car.
My daughter still smiles if I say Power Button.
Although it went through snow pretty well, sitting low made it hard to see as the snow banks grew.

Also had a couple of Corolla GT-S with the same motor.
One even had the factory Posi.

Cute, but I still prefer the second-generation, and its Ferrari-like curving lines.

My cousin had a first gen MR2, bought it brand new in 1986. First car I ever went over 100 mph in. I have such a sentimental fondness for this car… if the day ever comes when I can buy one, I’m on it!

Hey Wayne, Thanks for sharing. I have a beautiful, all custom ‘85 MR2 AW11… first gen.

Are you still interested in getting yourself one? I just had a baby, and my wife has said it’s time. I’m selling for a very low very can’t say no to type of price, but i’m being selective as to who I hand it over to. Your story won me.

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Hello, I have had several of these AW11 mr2 and regret selling my supercharged one, looking to get another, is yours still available?