The 1986 Porsche 928 from the Drivers Seat


When you’ve wanted something for more than 35 years, you tend to do your research. You follow market values, trends, and more importantly, the ownership experience of others until ultimately, you make a decision.

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Thank you for a great article on a wonderful piece of machinery. I love my 1983 928, Black on black . It was purchased 20 years ago with 16,728 miles (Actual miles, too). I love going 120 miles per hour …it handles great!!!


Nice and true article. I owned an 86.5. I did lots of traveling and you could drive in a very spirited manner for hours and get out of the car without being stressed or tired. I’ll agree with the author, the car just felt so much in it’s element at speeds between 85 and 110. I still see one occasionally and wish I had kept it. Mine did not have the rear AC option, but I traveled alone most of the time.
We’ve owned several Porsches, and we now use a Cayenne S that’s accumulated 151000 miles. For those who are thinking about their first venture into the Porsche family, here’s an excellent choice that can be had for a bargain. It’s a “do anything” vehicle that will reward you beyond expectations when driven aggressively. I would say it’s much like the old 928, very composed at high speed, low RPM torque of a V8, with agility in the curves that will surprise you.
If you do want a 928, please by all means get one. As the article says. do your research and you will be a VERY happy owner. One other piece of advise, all the mechanics that were familiar with and could quickly diagnose the 928 are probably retired. Mine sat in the driveway for over a week and wouldn’t start due to a tall bigfoot passenger getting out of the car and pressing too hard on the pigtail to the ECM located in upper right of the passenger footwell.


Thanks, Mike, for the great article. One point to add concerns the 928 owners community. IMHO, the 928 community is the most helpful and “fanatical” group in the Porsche world. This makes ownership easier, as you have experts at your disposal to help when you need it. Have an issue on the road? Just post something in the Rennlist 928 forum and you’ll likely get an answer within minutes (ask me how I know).

It’s also worth mentioning that parts availability is excellent with several 928 only parts vendors in the US, including used parts. The reproduction of some NLA parts has also been commissioned so that we can keep these great cars on the road.

We also have multiple gatherings around the country during the year, so it’s easy to meet with your fellow 928 fans.


I bought my new 928 in January 1988 from the Porsche dealer in Decatur Illinois…in those days it was one of the closest Porsche dealerships from my home in western Iowa…it is a 5 speed manual with limited slip differential, sport shocks, sport seats and the “increased air conditioning” option…which has a 2nd blower between the back seat buckets…exterior black, interior light gray leather…currently it has just over 40K road miles and still has that wonderful GT feel to it like it did when new…recently I had Isringhausen in Springfield go completely through the drive train with replacement belts, water pump and other necessary maintenance items…which is imperative to keep a 928 in good health…when it was fairly new I was invited by a friend to a weekend of road racing on the Virginia International Raceway…the BMW club had organized the event and had instructors available to give neophyte drivers pointers on how to maximize cornering without accidentally mowing down weeds…a little bit of a woman instructor rode with me initially trying her best to teach me how to corner a Porsche…she had never driven a 928 but raced her 911 turbo flat out which was setup for road tracks…after a few loops of frustration she “offered” to show me how to corner such a “heavy Porsche with a rubber suspension”…which entailed flying into the corner, hitting the brakes hard…which dropped and locked the 928 body down on its haunches…and conquered corners like a true Porsche should…after getting turned loose “on my own” for the afternoon the tires were shot, the clutch would slip and the brakes were smoking…but the 928 hung in there with great lap times even with a neophyte at the wheel…the 928 has capabilities that have been dismissed by the Porsche 911 fanatics…but it can be a very capable road circuit car if you learn how to “set the suspension” with heavy braking at the corner turn in and throttle hard just as the suspension regains it’s height…the 928 is a timeless design whose elements can be found in the current Panamera…basically a 928 4 door with different headlamp assemblies…


I’ve owned and driven 928s since 1996. First one was a 1989 S4 auto and 5 years ago I came across and bought a 1991 GT 5 speed with 24k miles. I agree that the two were like different cars, the auto calm and easy to drive in traffic and the GT a blast to drive when the road is open and twisty.

Be kept records on repair and upkeep and figure it costs me about ~$1200 a year to enjoy driving this great grand touring car. Small price to pay for sure. There are great parts suppliers as well and I can get almost anything for the car in a couple days, and at reasonable prices.



I also have an 1986-1/2 Red Porsche 928 5-speed, eventually for sale if anyone is interested, contact me via personal message for more details, Rob