The 1989–91 Dodge Dakota Sport convertible was the drop-top no one wanted


Convertible pickup trucks are the answer to a question that the general car-buying public has never asked. Technically the Ford Model A pickups had a removable roof, but once that pioneering model left the scene it took more than a half century before an automaker decided to test the waters with a vehicle that helps you get a sunburn while also living in perpetual fear of being permanently injured by sliding cargo.

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When first introduced I thought they would sell like hotcakes even though at the time I couldn’t afford one. I’ve often wondered why they flopped and being in business myself we often forget that 1989 thru 1992 we had a serious recession going on. Non - essentials … like the Dakota convertible… went to the bottom of the list. I think that had a lot to do with the Dakota Sport demise as well.


when i saw my 1st dakota convertible at the dias at cobo, i thought it was the perfect vehicle for me but the 1st year they tarted them all up and i believe ran around $18,000 mrsp
like the allante, it was to late to change the overpriced image created & actually offer more affordable choices in more colors. i never bothered checking any dealerships cuz $18k was so far out of my price range. in 1999 i finally got my 1st dakota conv physically in near mint condition that needed the engine rebuilt. after that i loved it til 2004 & altho it was reliable, comfortable & fun, it was getting hard to find parts for and the novelty had worn off. after selling it, i decided i wanted 1 again & got a white 89 conv 4 yrs ago. either i was easier to please in 1999 or my new 1 is just an abused uncomfortable nightmare. even finding anyone willing to work on it is bad & ends up being shoddy. i’m a landscaper & house painter who loves top down driving but this was not the perfect vehicle as i had thought with my 1st one- its heartbreaking to keep having the top readjusted or replaced and still have it fill up with rain and replace repair things only to have to repeat them over and over. live and learn but what a sad legacy for such a fun unique truck