The 1990–96 Nissan 300ZX is getting hot, and here’s why

Nostalgia sells. It always has. As people grow older and more financially secure, they seek out the things they longed for as children but for whatever reason never had. For some, it might be a vintage slot car set. Or a mint-condition Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots game. Or a particularly cool car they lusted over as a teenager while driving some ratty old hooptie.

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I have a '95 non-turbo Z32 and I love it. I’ve added a few upgrades over the years. Mine is unique because it has a steel (non-t top) roof. Tads_300-ZX_03

These cars are notorious for crank seal issues. You won’t see one leaking in my driveway.

Where did you get your info from? I’ve had mine for over 20+ years and beat it at the track all the time…never leaked from crank seal…

Hey when will 91 to 97 Mitsubishi 3000 get vr4 have their day.


I owned a 90 TT for quite a few years and never had a crank seal issue. And I see the poster who raised this identifies with a Jaguar, of all things.

Correction: The car had 7,746 miles on it, not 8.

Update: The car no longer has 7,746 on it. :grin: IMG_2038

NICOclub Forums Nissan Car Forums Z-Car Forums 300ZX or just do a goggle search on “300ZX crank seals forum”.

Haters spinning on crank seal - fake news - haha. Love my 300ZX NA. DSC_0003%20(3)

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Not aware of a chronic issue with the front seal. Seems there might be an issue with DIY’ers installing them wrong, but that’s not the car’s fault. And I did google. You have a site?
@bobwenten, I too saw the irony of his worry over oil leaking on the driveway and identifying with pretty much any older British car.

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Best-looking of all the Z-car generations, to my eyes - and far, far better-looking than the first-gen. And I am - sadly - not a millennial, by a longshot.

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I love these plus the 260 and 280. Ironically, I passed two different good looking 300’s just today, in Raleigh, NC and both drivers were 60+!

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Actually it is the Gen X’ers who are the Nissan 300 buyers. Millennials are too young.

Baby boomer here… Absolutely love the Z32, bought a Yellow 1990 N/A in 1997 & still owns it after 22 years! Love it so much bought a 90 TT 2 years ago hoping to pass one of them to my daughter (millennial) who too absolutely love it.image As someone above mentioned to me this has the best design, shape stance that still looks & stands out of a 2019 model car! Timeless beauty. Any 20 year old car will have issues, which haters & pundits would like to point out! But anyone who gets to own & drive this beauty knows it’s worth all that, especially if you look after it well!

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I’ve been part of the community for 7 years now and this is not a widespread problem. You may be referring to the rear main seal, which should be replaced along with the clutch. There’s plenty of other more common issues with this car, but it’s also a 23-29 year old sports car, so some maintenance should be expected. I wouldn’t recommend this car as your only vehicle or to someone that doesn’t have time and money to make sure they can keep it on the road.

A friend owned one when new and impressed me with a few safely driven empty freeway sprints. It was quick! It’s value as a collectable was evident to me and remains so.

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So, here we go again. 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 300ZX and on and on. Does no one know there is a '79 280ZX. I haven’t seen anything in regards to this vehicle.

Yes, they are a very beautiful car (I did a partial restoration on the '92 300ZX we purchased for my wife 4 years ago); however, I suggest the 1st gen (I own a 1973 240Z) brings more “classical” sports care styling with it. Google Ferrari 250GT or 330GTC and you will see what I mean.

My wife was tired of having to ride along in my 1973 240Z (that she never did master driving the more than slightly modified drive train … ) so we purchased a 1992 300ZX NA (which is the body style she fell in love with … ) in 2014.

Unfortunately, it lived on a dirt road (based on the caked on dirt all across the bottom) so I became very adept at MIG Welding on thin sheet metal … The exterior was relatively clean with only a couple blemishes and the original paint is in reasonable condition. The two-tone is the result of some of that rust repair and opting for a low cost way to cover the repairs (it is a metallic dark copper spray can paint from the Big Box hardware store) and I found a metallic dark brown Vinyl stripe to separate the copper from the original pearl white. That way, everything has that bit of metallic “sparkle”. Fully refurbished the interior and, after a lot of research, “mastered” the fuel injection so it now purrs like a kitten.

Katie is absolutely thrilled to have “My Car! My Car!”

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As a Nissan tech I’ve worked on hundreds of these with very few crank seal leaks. What leaks is the valve cover gaskets. The oil leaks down the back side of the engine making it appear as a crankshaft seal.