The 1990s Plymouth Prowler: America’s only production hot rod


It was “a rolling celebration of libido” (Washington Post), “a street rod named desire” (New York Times), and “America’s most outrageous automobile” (Automobile). Its father, Chrysler design chief Tom Gale, was “a rebel with a cause” (Christian Science Monitor). In the annals of the American car business, no automobile has a story quite like that of the Plymouth Prowler, perhaps the nuttiest idea since the Stout Scarab. From the day the concept Prowler appeared in January 1993, the car stunned the public and the industry press. Whether it was grandiloquent, sublime, pointlessly nostalgic, or just plain absurd depended on the beholder, but all could agree that, in the words of Chrysler’s then president, Robert A. “Bob” Lutz, “it was unlike anything anyone had ever seen.” Kevin Verduyn, one of the Prowler’s key designers, was equally succinct: “No mainstream car company had ever done anything this bizarre.”

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