The 1993 Porsche Boxster was the concept that saved the brand


With consumer access to the internet in its infancy, and before carmakers began staging their own spy photos, it was still possible in 1993 to truly “unveil” a concept car. It’s worth looking in the rearview mirror at a top-secret concept that 25 years ago took the media and public by surprise and then played an outsized role in steering its maker’s destiny: the Porsche Boxster.

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Actually, Grant Larson saved the brand!


So true he is my friend and such a great unassuming talent! As a dealer in Fremont, CA the car brought in incredible showroom traffic and success! Tom Claridge


@greg.r.larson - You make a good point, Grant Larson did have a significant role in the Boxster with his position as Exterior Designer starting just before the model was released.