The 1996–2002 Dodge Viper GTS is hot, and getting hotter

When Chrysler burst forth from its K-Car days and introduced the Viper RT/10 for 1992, it was a shock to a market sadly short of sports cars, especially home-grown ones. The new roadster could rip the heart out of a Corvette and really just about anything other than a six-figure exotic, but it sold for well under exotic prices.

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100% agree. I turn 31 in a month, bought my 01 ACR with 6k miles for my 29th birthday present to myself. Need to buy another one!

I owned a 1997 GTS. What handful that car was! It got very scary at anything close to ts limits. I also briefly owned a 2003. It was way too civilized, just like a corvette of that era.

Your nuts saying the gen 3 is like a Vet… Way more visceral and faster, and a bit more crude. I have a friend that has a 2001GTS and a 2001ACR. I have a 2005 Copperhead and it is a much better car and still quite crude! THEY ALL LOOK GREAT!

Have owned a Viper since Feb 1994. Now have a 2002 GTS … Red/Silver Stripes. It still gets may comments wherever it goes. It hangs out with several Gen IIIs and Gen IVs. Many proper say mine looks best. One correction: the zo6 was NOT faster … only in the minds of the vette-adoring media.

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Each to his own opinion…That was my take on the car. I was not unhappy to see the 2003 go.

Meh, the opening behind the front wheel looks like someone slammed a suicide door so hard it got stuck inside the car.

I love these and must admit I’ve always wanted a 96 with side pipes short loud and fast… Of course I have a 69 corvette that was a factory sidepipe car. However, I have a question. I have a 2004 SRT-10 Truck otherwise known as the Viper Truck. With the talk of a hell truck coming out, would now be the time for me to post a sign in my window?

@azvetmn - I’m not about to give financial advice, but the SRT-10 pickups did make our Bull Market list this year- read about it here.

The main thing I dont like about the gen II is no side pipes. To me that is a must have on a Viper.

Got my RT/10 Dec 2018, red of course, 30k on the clock. Best car I ever owned, pure drivers car…engine, tires, steering wheel, all that’s needed for great fun. It’s like driving a locomotive steamroller!

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