The 2002–05 Ford Thunderbird is getting more attention


The year was 1999. Eagle, Mercury, Plymouth, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac still existed. The 1999 North American International Auto Show in Detroit was at its peak, and so was the retro-futuristic movement, demonstrated by throwback concept cars like the Nissan 240Z, Pontiac GTO, Chevy Nomad, and Ford Thunderbird. Previously discontinued in 1997, the return of the T-Bird in concept form was a reboot recalling the 1955 two-seat convertible original. The press went nuts, and a production car was in the works.

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I remember those days when my uncle started brought home a new '02 Thunderbird and was very proud of it. Too bad he had to sold it after a few years.


Over $17K for a number 3 car seems generous. Less than a year ago, there was an insurance adjuster in my lobby when I was discussing listing a customer’s Acura Integra GSR on BringATrailer. The insurance adjuster heard our conversation and was interested, as he had been trying to sell his low mileage, garaged, lightly upgraded Thunderbird for months with zero interest. I was confident that BAT would be a good place to sell it, until we looked at the Thunderbird results and the only ones that were selling had four figure odometers or owners letting go for about 2/3rds of the value listed in the article.