The 2005 Pontiac GTO - Modern Muscle Cars


My first exposure to the resurrected Pontiac GTO was Car and Driver’s 2005 head-to-head comparison between the new “Goat” and Mustang GT. Both were legends reborn, but they took very different paths. The Mustang jumped aboard Ford’s retro styling formula, while also staying true to its solid-axle heritage. The GTO, back from a near 30-year hiatus, was much more visually subdued than Ford’s icon.

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I know that same feeling! But I have had my 1968 GTO since I was 18 in 1975. But always wanted a new generation GTO. Read alot from ones that owned one how amazing of a car they were. Some of course old school GTO fans were disappointed that they were not retro. But hey, when the 1968 GTO came out, they were not retro and were a hot selling car! I bought a 2005 Phantom Black GTO in September and Im so glad I did! It truely is amazing and rides so nice with the best bucket seats! And the 400 HP! truely amazing everytime you get in to it alittle. I love mine and plan on keeping it for a long time. Plus it looks nice sitting beside my Meridian Turquoise 1968 GTO in the garage!


@sallen1968 Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m thrilled to hear that you love both of your GTOs - it’s not all that often that you find someone who has both a classic and new example of the car. And I completely agree with your assessment; the newer GTO was truly top-notch and deserves more love. It’s too bad that a lot of enthusiasts can’t see past the “non-retro styling” and appreciate it for what it is: an excellent performance coupe.