The 200th Mazda MX-5 Cup race car will sell for just $100


When the contract to build the first fifty ND-generation Global MX-5 Cup cars landed on his desk, Mazda Motorsports director John Doonan didn’t touch it for a week. “I was worried that we’d never sell that many,” he laughs. His worry was misplaced; the first run sold out in hours. The Global MX-5 Cup car, which starts life as a plain white (because that paint color is the lightest!) MX-5 Miata Sport before receiving more than $40,000 worth of safety and speed upgrades from North Carolina’s Long Road Racing, has proven to be a rip-roaring success --- and the Battery Tender MX-5 Cup, which offers owners a chance to run neck-and-neck on the country’s greatest road courses for cash and prizes, has been nearly as popular.

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