The 2019 Camaro ZL1 1LE no longer requires a left foot


Now that the Camaro is a legitimate world-class sports car, it should come as no surprise that GM wants to make it as quick and capable as possible on a race track. And while there’s no doubt a manual gearbox is the more involving experience for the driver, automatics these days are simply faster, more consistent, and more precise than any human-operated transmission. That’s why the ZL1 1LE, the pinnacle of Camaro performance at the moment, is getting a 10-speed automatic transmission option.

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Looks like a Kia stinger , or a mustang , or an Acura or a Lexus or a bmw … not even close to a first gen ! Then when they tried to do accents of the second gen that was the end ! You dont need a6 liter v8 anymore . The online design of a 4 banger is much smoother and more reliable . Ford was headed on the right direction with the eco boost . Now watch the Koreans and Japanese go back to boost in big numbers . All the extra room will be dedicated to cooling the charge and the block