The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door is hungry for Porsche’s lunch


German luxury brands are by now experts at slithering their tendrils into every market segment under the sun, and they even concoct new ones when there’s opportunity. Once Mercedes took the standard E-Class sedan and morphed it into the swoopy, sexy four-door CLS in 2004, the floodgates were open. It was only a matter of time, then, before BMW belched out the aesthetically questionable BMW X6 crossover as a sporty (and less practical) alternative to the X5 in 2008. So now that sporty, four-door, executive-luxury Porsche Panamera is in its second generation, you better believe Mercedes is throwing its feathered hat into the ring.

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My goodness that cockpit looks complicated. It better be fast if I feel like I’m in a NASA project.


I need this car in my life!


While I’m really excited to see the big dog 63S at my local CnC next summer, what I’m really waiting on is the expansion of use for that brand new straight 6 accross the rest of the MB line in vehicles that are a little more attainable for folks like me. The market needs another smooth, torquey I-6 on the market to compete against the standard bearer BMW!