The 2020 Toyota Supra is here, at long last


When the cover came off the racy, sleek Toyota FT-1 concept at the 2014 Detroit auto show, the crowd went berserk. People were freaking out. Just as the ‘90s Japanese sports car market was catching on, here was Toyota spraying gasoline on it with an obvious Supra teaser. Now, five long years later, Toyota is back at the 2019 Detroit show with the real thing.

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Well price will be important to most. And the fact that Toyota separated themselves to some extent from BMW is actually encouraging to those who might not want it over-engineered and more expensive than it has to be. Color me interested.


335hp seems incredibly mild for todays market. Although the performance is pretty good, on paper it doesnt seem to outperform any of its competitors.


@Si_Guy - I am with you there. In my opinion, it is not a lot of car for the money. It is relying heavily on the nameplate to sell, though in person the design is quite attractive.


I got the feeling that this, and the new Lexus track edition RC F, would likely be much more attractive in person than in photos.


I’m liking it more than I expected. The exterior is vintage looking without being a copy of any particular old car (I guess I’m seeing a little 2000gt there). Combining Toyota and BMW interior bits didn’t sound like good idea but actually works out well. Better organized than the typical Toyota dash and not as sterile/techno as some BMWs can get. The best feature of all is that cozy low-slung driving position in an age of tall crossovers.


I don’t know…power level seems to be on-par with NISSAN’s 370Z, and depending on how it’s priced there’s not much else in this segment anymore…at least not out of the east. And since this is the ‘opener’ edition, TOYOTA might come out with a powered-up TRD version. I’m just encouraged.


@Jim-R - You make a decent point, it hits with about the same ferocity as the 370Z. Hopefully that wasn’t Toyota’s target, as the 370Z has hardly been setting the market ablaze with sale numbers.


Regarding 370z sales I’ve heard that, but look how stale the 350-370z is now after almost 20 years. Maybe TOYOTA sees an opening?
And as the article mentioned, what else does the TOYOTA nameplate have to offer besides the slower 86 (shared with Subaru) or a gussied- up Camry?
Ima cynical enthusiast but still think it’s good news.


@Jim-R - A very good point. The 370Z sales could very well be less than stellar because it is quite a stale car.


Its a fair bit more expensive then the 370 and Genesis coupe. They really priced it to be a direct competitor to the Cayman. And I dont think people will be cross shopping a Toyota and a Porsche. I hope Im wrong though.


You’re right, at 50k it is a lot more.
lol, But I don’t know…historically I could afford to keep a Toyota off warranty. Not so a Porsche. :wink: