The 25 cars buyers are forgetting about

Well said. Thanks for your insight. And yes I am enjoying it. Funny you mention the Austin . I Had many in the 70 s and 80s . Who knew! I’m a fan keep up the great work.

John Pumo

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1977-1979 ford thunderbirds. the big birds are being overlooked because malaise era motoring. you can find them at the moment for less than 10k

If you want a little better 1950’s flavor car, one that is actually a pretty good thing, buy an old Saab. The 3 cylinder 750cc two cycle will actually pull the thing along and the Monte Carlo spec engine is better yet and with oil injection will kill less mosquitoes.
They are great fun and in mid 60’s actually won some rallies.
And the styling grows on you.

The Buick Reatta is a great traveling car. It has a large trunk and a lot of room behind the seats which includes two small compartments for small stuff. It’s quick, and the front wheel drive gives it good traction and directional stability. It’s only drawback is it’s soft suspension, unless you have a bad back. Unfortunately it has a reputation of being a ladies car.

Reattas were actually built in Lansing in the Oldsmobile Craft Center. There were only 20,000 built over 4 years. Those in good condition should start to see their value rising .

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Let’s get back to the MGB. From 1975 on, the B may not be the most desirable to by for a collector that do so for investment, but for us who have owned several MG’s, they are fun to drive and enjoy on the two lanes of America. It is getting harder to find good ones that have not been run to death for lack of care. I agree with a post earlier, enjoy the car and upgrade to make it more fun to enjoy. It,s not about what everyone likes, it’s about you what personally enjoy. I have a saying," I rebuilt it, I like it, and I drive it " the satisfaction is in the Smile at 50 MPH on a country two lane on a nice afternoon. !!
John C

I have watched in amazement the Rodney Dangerfield " NO respect" that the Reatta get’s from all the articles I read hear. As you mentioned how in god’s name does a American car with only 21,000 in 4 yrs. And I see all these crap cars , coming in much higher the the Buick Reatta.


Great comments, AMEN !!