The 25 hottest collector vehicles heading into summer

Wow with that 3.08 and all that power you might consider taking the car out to Bonneville Salt Flats. I don’t know what the conditions are like today…but that car is very aerodynamic. You might have a 200 m.p.h. or more Supercar with the right tires, brakes, and suspension. That car ain’t no pork chop…It’s U.S. Grade A Prime!!!

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Appreciate the complements, but top end on my C3 is more like 160. That’s a good top end limit due to too much air underneath the car at those speeds. Chassis is at stock height. Tires are only 26" tall. RPMs are ok at today’s speed limit of 70 in Florida. My self imposed redline is only 6500. Far from supercar status these days, it was pretty good when I assembled that combo in 1989 or so.![Mockup%202|661x500]Vette%20engine%202017 (upload://lng0tvuCdoa1FSpm3b1witS4D3h.jpeg)

I would buy headers, 2 new converters or none if u can get away w/o emissions certs, a cam from a 327/375 or whatever the hottest hydraulic or modern cam and a set of heads with 2.02 valves and maybe fresh shocks and a bigger sway bar sets and it would fly like a 1970 LT-1.

This is all pretty easy and affordable.

I noticed on all the auctions on TV if a car has an 454/450HP engine, it goes for $70,000!
Chevelle or Corvette & it does not matter if #s match.

Also a supercharger now a days is like $4000-$6000. I see no reason why this motor w/ minor mods can not get 450-500 HP (2xturbo or Supercharged).

A modern overdrive transmission is also really nice, save lots on gas & wer & tear.

Anyway good luck & have fun

Jay M.

Fortunately in N.J. I can get antique license plates on any car 25 yrs. Old or older. I’m limited to 2500 miles use per year but am exempt from inspection and emissions from cows like AOC. I just plan to go to local shows or cruise nights. I’m only 7 miles from NYC. This is the most densely populated part of the USA. Being in the Northeast, it is a seasonal show schedule. The season runs from Around April through October. Toy cars and motorcycles can have low miles. I own a 2000 Honda Shadow. It has 16000. miles. Frequently the weather is foul no matter what time of year it is. I’m brand new to this forum but thus far I really enjoy the learning curve and suggestions from so many people who know far more about C-3 Corvettes than I ever will. The internet has opened up a whole new world with a free plethora of info. Thankyou all so much for your guidance!

I have had my 74 Bronco for over 25 years and have had more fun on and off the road than one person deserves. I bought it in 1993 for 3200 and have people wanting to buy it almost ever time I drive it. Some offers exceeding 50K. How many vehicles can give so much fun and not be relegated to pavement and quadruple in value? Not many I would guess. And for anyone who has never driven one, with the right suspension and tire combination they drive amazing on pavement with a mildly upgraded drivetrain. I did sink about 15K in it over the years and it has never left me stranded.

Bullseye, I couldn’t have said it better!

1992-2002 Cadillac Eldorado – Better budget twice what the car is worth to pull the engine and stud the block when the head bolts let go, unless you get an early one with the pushrod engine. Also budget the value of the car to buy new shock absorbers if it has the electronic suspension. I had a '97 Seville, same car as the Eldorado but with four doors. It was a great driving car, but it was complete loser in terms of maintenance and repair costs. $750 EACH for new shocks, and when the head gaskets went, it was going to be $1500 just for the parts, never mind the labor. I sold it for $450 with an immaculate body and interior and a blown head gasket. Five or ten years ago, the junkyards were full of these cars, also in immaculate condition, presumably all with blown head gaskets. I haven’t seen one for a few years, so I assume they’ve all been crushed.

My heavily modified 78 worth a lot more this way than stock, I like the C3’s they look amazing and are cheap enough you can do what you want with them. Mine has a 6.0LQ9 block that has been bored over, LS3 heads, bigger cam, holley efi system, tremec 5, composite rear leaf, bigger sway bars, bilstein shocks it goes as well as my stock 2008 vette I use to have but they’re is nothing else out there like it.

78%20corvette%20engine 78%20corvette%20interior%20driver 78%20corvette%20passenger%20side

“no core values” “No real value” What is that? Collector cars are nothing but fashion and never have been. Maybe you’re referring to rarity? Most old cars get rare over time. Original cost? 1967 Mustang fastbacks were $2500 new but now start at $45K for a nice one. Race cars might have “intrinsic” value due to their handling and speed capability - but no one really races collector cars anyway. These 4x4’s are simply what was different and cool for their time. All the other different cool cars have already appreciated so it’s their turn. So goes the cycle.

Agreed, the 76-77 Celica Liftback was sweet, bulletproof (other than OE head gasket) and handled quite well. Try to buy one now, ouch! (If you can even find one.) As a Mustang nut that car really appealed to me, a Japanese “mini 69 Mustang” that was WAY better quality than the old Mustangs (which were crap but beautiful IMO).

I agree with everyone here. Get one and enjoy it. I had a blast with my '74 working on it with my dad. We could do so much much more with '74 Vette than we could with the '85 Turbo Esprit and I never worried about the Vette. I got way more recognition in the Vette than the Esprit just because it’s so iconic even though the Esprit would destroy the Vette on the track. I want it back even though
I made some good money selling it. Buy it because you want to enjoy it, not for an investment. That’s why they have stocks.

The early Ford bronco has been a fan favorite for offroad enthusiasts for decades. It is still #1 for a reason. The prices may dip back down when the new bronco comes out, but they will always command good money