The 25 hottest collector vehicles heading into winter

If you’re obsessed with cars but not quite as enthralled with the idea of going toe-to-toe with overzealous Black Friday shoppers, sit back, relax, and do some online holiday shopping from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy. We have a few suggestions—OK, a lot of suggestions. Get ’em while they’re hot.

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What is so “HOT” about this list. I have no interest in at least 20 of them. What’s with the B-mer fascination? Just another Euro-sedan.

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Maybe these cars are cool to yonger collectors, but I don’t see anything special about a bunch of light trucks, run-of-the-mill euro sedans, and Japanese sports cars that are hard to find because most survivors are patched up rust-buckets. But I am happy to see that the old car hobby is alive and well with a new generation…even if I don’t understand their choices.

Clearly there is a glaring anti-Mopar bias in this article. Two Jeeps and one Dodge, with Viper power no less, made the list based on your numbers, but not even an mention in the article.

Buy an MR2 and you won’t regret it. Best driving experience you can get in an 80’s sports car. I’m not talking about best experience for the money either. A properly set up AW11 MR2 will make you cherish proper midship driving dynamics that will put a smile on your face even a Ferrari couldn’t wipe off. Cheers!

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That list is more like a used car lot inventory rather than a collector wish list. then again, most people can’t afford or just won’t pay the stupid prices sellers ask for anything over 30 years old. My opinion is that the best cars are being made right now. I’m selling off classics and enjoying my new vehicles.

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I always read the comments on these to see how people complain about the cars on the list as if it was the author’s subjective choice. Grumpy old men yelling at the moon haha.


The list seems to be put together by millinniels trying to get rid of their poor purchase decisions so that they can buy real cars. When did Hagerty turn into a “Used cars” buyer guide? The cars listed are 80% NOT collectibles…at best they are not even “enjoyables”.


I sold a 1995 MR2 this spring and will regret it. Most likely the best all-around car I ever owned and I have had a lot of them.

I’m a millennial and I wouldn’t buy most of those cars…

I’m sure you read this part, but I figure I’ll post it here:
“The HVR uses insurance quoting activity, the number of new policies purchased, sales data, auction activity, and other metrics to rank vehicles compared to the overall collector car market. Based on a 100-point scale, a vehicle keeping pace with the collector market will score 50. Ratings above 50 show above-average interest; vehicles with a sub-50-point rating are lagging.“

Always helps to read the full article. Based on that bit I don’t see how anyone could see this list as chosen other than by pure facts and figures. I don’t see any human bias.

These same people also skim the actual content to get to the list and complain that their car isn’t on there. They miss the whole data driven theme of the article…

Everyone should drive the e39 BMW four door sedan.
Find a 5 speed if you can, but the auto is much more available.
You may be very suprised with the handeling, breaking and almost acceptable power.
You will beat most other cars in the twisties, not the drop strip.
The cars are quite easy to work on, brakes, suspension, water pump-belts-idlers etc, radiator all easy to change out. Once you do all this at about 70k to 90k you are good to go after normal service, which is also easy, than you got a Sweet Sedan,
The ride is all BMW, the M3 / sport suspension mdl not for the cushy ride group, but not to stiff more like firmish. The standard suspension is less firmish and easier for every day shopping runs.
There are a few quirks in the car but no big deal.
Fit and finish are better than most,
Had a couple, miss them now… hard to find a real good one.
Back in the day, If Porsche had made a Sedan, it would have been a e36… but more powerful.

Really don’t care for any of these cars. More of a used car list none of which I would call
collectible or even desirable. Stick with those cars that have a heritage, or resume that would make them truly "collectible’

This list shows statistics, collector cars, no. People seeking good affordable insurance, yes.

In my jaded opinion, micro cars are heating up. Check out this 1972 Honda AN600:

@ajh928s4 - Out of curiosity, how would you define that “heritage or resume that would make them truly collectible?”

If you buy cars thinking of them as an investment then you are going to be disappointed. As with art…buy what you like and let it be what it will be.

OMG…I better run down to the local wrecking yard and see if I can’t score one of these before its too late. ??? REALLY???

Interesting. Only one car on there that I’d be the slightest bit interested in driving (Toyota MR2). I’m sure the VW Scirroco would also be a fun car, as well.
Actually, I’m glad that none of my favorites are listed on there and I hope it stays that way. I own them to DRIVE and ENJOY, not for their “investment value”. I learned (after 50 years of Porsche 356 ownership) that the worst thing that can happen to a classic car is for it to become “hot”. When that happens, it takes most of us “car guys” out of the equation and makes it financially very difficult to enjoy our hobby, anymore.
All I can say is Thank God for MGs. Cheap, plentiful, bags of fun, more reliable (when properly set-up and maintained) than a 356 (and I had a bunch of them & loved every one of them) ever was and parts availability today better than when they were new. I think that, also, one of the best features of them is that they are NOT idiot-proof. This means that the urban myths of Lucas electrics, SU carburetors, etc. keep enough people away to ensure the market value stays down where the true “car guys” can afford them.

Nice bunch of winter-beaters to drive while your real ride is put up for the winter.