The 25 hottest collector vehicles (OK, 29) heading into fall

Stop the presses! The King is dead! OK, so the King isn’t actually dead, but when you’ve held the title as the hottest collector vehicle in the land for as long as the 1966–77 Ford Bronco has, it’s a pretty big deal when you slip to #2.

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Wow, I must be getting old. Most of these car seem pretty new to me!

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Me too. Lol! I thought for sure my 68 El Dorado would be on this list


No hot rods on here? Must be the scorching temperatures around the country,or the fact that in better economic times people sell them less. Anyway, is this list US based or global?

I’m in a hurry this morning but I want to say briefly that this post is suspicious. I never understood, for example, Ford Broncos. What is the big deal?
There is also a rumor circulating in the Hobby that Hagerty among others in a group including auctioneers are manipulating prices. Frankly I don’t see how this is to Hagerty’s advantage, but I thought I’d mention it as the more interesting of some of the flotsam floating around…everybody have a good day.

Give ya $500 for your sweet caddy…Haha

Should be no surprise that newer vehicles are represented. We long for the cars that we coveted in our youth. The 50s and 60s car crowd are aging. Younger people have no connection to those cars. Demand is falling. The clock keeps ticking…

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Boomers are aging. We have no use for any of the import cars. American Muscle
is what we were weaned on, and there is no substitute for those cars when designers
had imagination.

Testarossa, delorean, countache, pretty imaginative designs I would say

This list is incomplete as there is no mention of the Fiat 850 Spider.

A 2015 Caddy CTS ?? This thing isn’t even potty trained yet ? How can it be considered a collectible ??

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I agree, a lot of the cars featured in this article look new to me. But that’s just a sign of experience!
I vote for the previous posters choice of a Caddy Eldorado. Here’s a great Youtube report on a beautiful 1967.

There’s a lot of info on the design and the people that worked on bringing it out.

The only one that I would consider to be old, and I owned one back in the early seventies, was the Plymouth Valiant. It was a great car as well.

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Feeble list.Everyday cars for the most part. Jim

Collector cars? These are basically nice used vehicles - too many trucks? - except for the Alfa GTV which is rather pricey, the Miata, and the SL Merc.

How can the list contain a couple of MIatas and not mention the Honda S2000???

The HOnda’s value has been increasing and appears to be getting higher

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This is how the classic car hobby will die. Too many of the older crowd refuse to accept that any cars were built after 1973. These same folks are very unwelcoming to the younger crowd at shows. You know that a car from 1980 is nearly 40years old right?


Next year I’ll be on the list…

Phil J

I am a bit surprised by the inclusion of 1963-1966 Plymouth Valiant!

To each their own I guess.