The 25 hottest collector vehicles to kick off 2019

Yes, the Ford Bronco continues to kick up its heels as the hottest collector vehicle in the land. And yes, the majority of the vehicles at the top of the latest Hagerty Vehicle Rating are trucks and SUVs. But passenger vehicles are closing the gap. Cars claimed 11 of the top 26 spots in the newest HVR ranking, which is two more cars than last time around and four more than the time before that.

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So,kind of new to this forum and not understanding HAGERTYs way of picking Hot-Collectable-Must Buys…etc.
Seems like they come up with a new list every few weeks…so when you start checking it all out,there are LOTS of possible picks…Example…couple weeks ago they did story on their BEST picks for 2018 and included the 2011-2014 Ford RAPTOR…now,on this story…guess its no longer collectable or a best buy…or?? Are they really a site to judge what you buy and what you dont?

This is based on the Hagerty Vehicle Rating, which is updated monthly. We look at items such as auctions, quoting, listings, etc. and look at how each generation of vehicle we include in the Hagerty Price Guide is performing. We rate on a 0-100 scale with 100 performing better than the rest of the market, according to our metrics or 0 performing worse. The rating is purely data driven and lacks the input of opinion by any of our analysts.

The idea is for the reader to read this and interpret the results for themselves. These are merely an observation of what is going on rather than a call to action to buy a specific vehicle. At the end of the day, everyone should buy what they enjoy.

Here’s a link to more information about the HagertyVehicle Rating https://www.hagerty.com/valuationtools/Hagerty-Vehicle-Rating/About-Hagerty-Vehicle-Rating

THANKS…that helps…but is there a place on site to see if a certain vehicle is still rated and how high…
Like that RAPTOR,which interested me…but now cant even find the story it was in anymore…

Ha-Ha-Ha! Was at a collectors seminar at the Barrett-Jackson Auctions last week in Scottsdale; And the general consensus was if you owned a Bronco - this was the time to SELL and make some money before the prices collapse. And many of these cars on this list were never mentioned at all.
And there is nothing special about an old Suburban or El Camino - thousands were made and they are easy to find.

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It’s unreal that the majority of these vehicles, these trucks and SUV’s in particular are junk you’d find parked down at any given Walmart on any given day, in any given town. I’m sure by summer, “collectable” minivans and Hyundais will start making the list. Better start browsing the Pennysaver for a good deal on a '96 Elantra or '91 Lumina APV, since they’re “collectable” now.


What is going on with Hagerty? I’d like an explanation on how they come with their lists! Dayum, it’s changes faster than I change my underwear.

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Supra and RX-7, but no NSX! What are you guys smoking?

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The Raptor is a tough one to place a market rating on because we have not added them to the Hagerty Price Guide yet. This is mainly due to the disparity between the market for collector grade trucks and the majority of ones used as daily drivers. For the most part, we have estimated about a 5% gain in value for Raptors kept more as collectors.

Here are the articles you are probably thinking about.

@RASyoyo hope this helps


EXACTLY…Everything is collectable to them…they get higher rates! After reading their stories for a month now,I sure wouldnt take their advice…will just buy what I like,which is how it should be…I still own my 1963 Corvette I bought in High School / 40+ years now…and really dont care what they value it at…I’m gonna be buried in it.>! :slight_smile:


YES,thats the story…Thanks Greg…!

As I read through these prognostications by Hagerty every couple of weeks it strikes me that the vehicles that they identify as “hot” are all vehicles that would tend to be in the back rows of used car lots not too many years ago. Is this an example of “the girls all look prettier around closing time”? The muscle and performance car boat has sailed so we are left to drool over what remains? Pick up trucks? Suburbans? El Caminos? Perhaps I could round out my collection with a Rolls Royce Corniche II. Get real guys.

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@ragtop69 - To be fair, tri-five Chevys were once sitting on the back row of used car lots, along with a good number of other cars that are inarguably collector cars today.


I thank Hagerty for providing this interesting look at the current collector market. It is not intended to predict anything; it is a picture of what folks are currently buying. The data does not predict whether any of those listed will be purchased tomorrow only what’s being bought today. As for those folks who think vehicles built in huge numbers are not really worth collecting they might recall that thousands of Corvettes, Mustangs, and Camaros occupy a good deal of space at most car shows. There are obvious generational influences in the desire to own pickups and SUVs. Collectors now in their early forties were avid truck and Jeep users during their high school days. They may appreciate cars but trucks were their thing.


Nope, that doesn’t work either. I read all the specifics and it just doesn’t add up. It doesn’t happen that quick. Thanks though. #stillnofaith

or does it?Thinking face

I would haver to disagree with a few of these choices. 70’s 80’s el Camino’s no way. Rolls Royce Corniche, are you serious? Late 70’s suburban’s, not interested. Later model Cadillac’s yuck. Jeep Cherokee’s not so much. The Ford Broncos late 60’s early 70’s you got one right at least.


I happy to hear that the VW Corrado has moved up on the ranking!
I am a proud owner of 1995 VW Corrado VR6
I have owned it for over 14 yrs!
I still love driving it!


Got ya beat…owned my car since 1974…wanna Drag…LOL


So glad to see the E31 BMW 8 series getting some love. I’ve had one since 08 and found it to be a great car. No more difficulties to repair than most modern cars.

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