The 25 hottest collector vehicles to kick off 2019


Actually I WAS 17…the car was 10 years old…bought it in 1973…and for those that remember,that was Gas Embargo Era…so they were a dime a dozen…mine was $1,000…really wanted the Split-Window…but at 17 making $30 a week after school who could afford the then CRAZY price of $2200-$2500 they were bringing…Lucky for me our family was in Engine Rebuilding business so we had contacts to get more than a dollars worth of gas every 2-3 days…so I did drive it back and forth to school,but thats about it…and it sat for over a year till gas lightened up…then it became my daily driver…then my wild and crazy days,street racing,putting dual carbs and tunnel ram manifold with nitro…then the car shows…won 7 trophies…and now…well guess its come full circle…I’ve just finished putting it back to stock,upgraded to leather seats…and waiting for the bumpers to come back from chrome shop…now its just a weekend cruiser.


Yeah, I was just throwing some numbers around, but amazing story. I fully understand keeping a car “looking great” can cost 10’s of thousand of dollars, or even more for 40 years of ownership, but when you start off with a great deal, it’s all that much sweeter!

Like many folks, I can usually afford my “high end, but not exotic dream cars” after they are about 8 or 9 years old, and depreciation hits hard, ha ha, but even with a good deal, they can take some finessing to keep on the road in “mint” condition!


EXACTLY,for what I’ve spent over the last 44 years,I could buy a mint 63 now…BUT…look at all the years of fun and tearing up the roads I would of missed…If one only knew…especially about the new craze for “Survivors”…I’m 2nd owner and always cared for it,but since it was driven and enjoyed,parts got changed…lucky I kept almost everything I ever took off…but its still not a survivor…Its a fine line a guy has to make when buying a “classic” or something he thinks will be a “classic”… Do I use and enjoy it,or make it a trailer princess…I just bought the last of the 8cyl. Raptors thats a Shelby…all original,low miles…I think they can only go up in value,if cared for and low miles…so…does it become a daily driver…or a weekend fun truck…thats the question…LOL…I guess in the end,its all good if your having fun cause you cant take it with you…!


My idea of a collectible car !!!


This list proves to me that we have finally hit “peak collectible cars” - in other words, used up the supply of cars worth collecting. I know, to each his own, but nothing on this list save the Porsche looks like something I’d care to drive or have in my garage. I drove a C-10 for work back in the day - hunkajunk, like most everything from that era. On the other hand, I guess it’s good to see the hobby still kicking.


I’m very happy to see the second generation El Camino rise near the top for 2019. I’ve always felt these versatile cars would appreciate in value like their Chevelle stable mates! Keep up the good work on interesting editorial content and keeping those of us in the muscle car collector hobby informed!


Love our 1987 GMC Caballero Amarillo. We get a lot of comments when we roll into the lumber yard to haul home our next project. Yes we use it as the truck it was built to be.


If trucks are so hot, how come you cannot configure your truck value using the Hagerty tool? Under Ford there are no selections for trucks.



must be a 64 chevy c30 panel …stock body…244 in long…


@gmundster - I feel like I recognize this truck. Did it (or does it) live in Traverse City, Michigan?


@dtrimbach - Thanks for the message. We do have some trucks built into the online valuation tool. To select them you use the drop down menu on the right of the screen to select vehicle type: truck. Happy valuing!


I don’t think the iPhone app has this feature.

Daniel Trimbach


Good for you! I am so jealous. I loved the original Scirocco and ended up owning a kinda bland 1980’s version for a while. The Corrado came out and I was in love again (and its almost spelled the same as my last name!), but too pricey for me at the time. Yours - oh man yours - is the right color and that body style is as sexy as a hatchback will ever be. Anyhow, just poked in to say, “Love your car man and keep that thang!” Of course, if you ever want to sell it, well, try to find me!