The 4 wackiest customs at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show

I would love Sahara and my wife’s spot could be filled with the nomad

You need to hire Lcarley​256 as one of your photographers. Apparently this person is taller than 6" and has the ability to photograph both the front and top of the cars.

The Vette/Nomad is “OK”. The others are hideous!!

LOVE the Nomad. And please add my voice pleading to also show THE COMPLETE cars in these photo sets. I am a photographer, and appreciate the ‘detail stuff’ as well, but this is a CAR blog, and we are CAR FOLK. So don’t be so damn stingy with the shots!!
Stu A
Sedona, AZ

From my Indy Pace Car site:

These “illuminated tires” were made by Goodyear from a special, transparent rubber called “neothene”. A series of dash-type bulbs were installed inside the tire and would light up as one drove-not really useful during the day, but at night the red tires were something to see.

Goodyear used the Festival Car as a means to "test’ market viability of the product. They soon found out the tires were hard to keep clean, thus hard to see the light at night.

Here is a great color picture of the car with the tires lit up-and again, yellow lettering during the Festival Parade with Connie Stevens as a passenger.

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Enjoy the Hagerty newsletters and articles, thank you. Next time regarding this article please more level view pictures, engine bay and interiors. In other words - ALOT MORE PICTURES please. Keep up the great work.

The Corvette Nomad was part of a trio of show cars from GM, #1-Corvette #2-Corvair #3- Nomad, the corvette was the only one that made it to production, the Corvair was a fastback & the Nomad was the wagon, all based on the 1953 Corvette

I agree with the comments regarding the images. Thanks for posting the full view images after the note was made. The arty images are great but the full view images of the cars should be foremost.