The 4 worst automotive special editions, according to you


And the Dodge LeFemme is a beautiful car resplendent complete with a record player!


Dodge Chrysler and Plymouth had gorgeous cars in the mid and late 50’s all the way up to the new cars. Once again Mopar paves the way!


How about the mid 60’s Studebaker pick-up with a Dodge bed…???


Of course, many of us thought then - and still think now - that those T/A’s were quite attractive.


So…the 455 was not available on the pace car? I recall that the 455 WAS optional on the regular Century. Odd that one could not get it on the pace car.


The Buick is rather “loud”, but not offensive-looking. I do like the T-tops with that car.


I’m pleased to see the Bon Jovi VW, as I remember seeing those around Paris. Europe is, however, chock full of weird “special” editions. There was also a Pink Floyd VW edition, as well as Peugeot “Sacre Numero” editions and, a personal favorite, a Bic co-branded Renault.

I personally owned a Peugeot 206 Quicksilver Edition, which had the surf brand’s logos inside and out and, yes, Renault offered a Billabong Clio to compete with it!