The 5 best factory widebody cars


While poking around SEMA last week and seeing customs of every color and powertrain, we also got a healthy dose of widebody kits. Massive tires tucked under stretched fenders were everywhere, and given we were at SEMA, many were aftermarket or custom jobs. But what about getting a widebody car straight from the factory? Here are a few awesome examples of times when the factory went wide.

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All good choices. I would add Mercedes W124 500e, BMW e30 M3, AMG C63 Black Series, Audi B7 RS4.


I would also include the Bentley Continental 2 door factory wide bodies, Mulliner, 2002-2003


What about the old 60’s wide track Pontiac’s.


Renault 5 Turbo. Makes other car’s look positively anorexic…


BMW E30 M3, or a CSL bat mobile?


Nice choices. How about the Pantera GT 5S with the massive 15x13 rear wheels.


1965 Bill Thomas Cheetah


Good choices, however not sure the Dodge’s bolt on fender flares qualify as a true widebody. The R5 Turbo mentioned in the comments might be the king of them all.


Sorry, this list is not complete without the Renault R5 Turbo. It shames other choices on this list… C6 Corvette? Really? 1518031603d1427acc0436a-620x403


Mpope… Jinx on you. ha ha… great minds think alike!


testarossa. 80s countach.


I would opt for a non-Turbo 993 C4S
Brilliant coke bottle shape…great hips!


10 .volkswagen gulf Rallye
9.mercedes 190e evolution
8.well to many Porsche’s to mention
7.the Audi Quattro you mentioned
6.bmw gtr
5. Well not sure if they made a factory wide body but the Datsun 510 looks Awsome with them.
4.2004-2005 Subaru sti
3.mazda rx7
1.bmw e30 m3


I love wide/boxed fenders, 994 T, e30 M3, an Ur Quattro and 911 turbo look all share garage space!


The bolt on dodge flares and no E30 M3??? C’mon!


I was at an auto cross in San Antonio in 1984 and a Cobra drove up. It had 427 emblems, but no fender flares. I ask the owner about it and he said the first 50 427’s did not have the flares. Anyone confirm that? If so, talk about rare!!


The idea that these are widebody cars is ridiculous. in the late 60s ans all through the 70s Detroit was pushing 80 inches wide with their full size cars.starting with the 65 Plymouth Fury even the low priced cars were huge, another inch and they would have required clearance lights like trucks.


84 and 85 Toyota Celica GTS in coupe form. The fenders also appeared on the Supras from 84 - 86. But the coupe made the flares more pronounced.


…uhm; Lancia Delta Integrale: