The 5 best movie Corvettes


Many Americans saw their first Corvette in motion at the movies. Chevy began building its new sports car in Flint, Michigan, in 1953. Production moved to St. Louis for 1954, and soon after, a black Corvette starred in the 1955 Mickey Spillane private eye film Kiss Me Deadly. Driven throughout the film by the main character Mike Hammer, the movie car was one of just four black Corvettes built in 1954.

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Death Race 2000…The Frankenstein car.



I am a car fanatic … been into cars for years, and now have a car movie collection of over 120 DVD’s where ‘Cars are the Stars’. I keep looking for King of the Mountain on DVD, and can’t find it anywhere. I myself never considered CON AIR a car movie, granted it does have a corvette in it, like wise clambake, which I had never even heard of, (will have to give it a look see to see if it qualifies as a car flick) … I do think that Death Race 2000 is not only a car flick, but a corvette film, which might have superseded CON AIR. The Wraith had a featured corvette as well as a concept dodge … just my 2 cents.


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