The 6 biggest game-changing auction sales of 2018


When it comes to auctions, 2018 was a barnstorming year. Just one week in Monterey brought three cars over $20 million. Records and expensive cars are one thing, but we are here to talk about sales that exceeded expectations. We found several cars that went big, some indicating once-ignored cars are heading toward bona fide collector territory, and signaling potential shifts in the market to come. Here are six breakout ales that stood out in a year of great action, each far exceeding the usual price for a perfect, concours-condition car.

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That Xtracab brought back a long forgotten memory: anyone else remember that for a short time in the 70’s or 80’s either Nissan or Toyota sold a pickup with a raised roof? I think it was called an Extra something or other.


I think the raised roof was on the Isuzu P’up Space Cab!


It blows my mind, the money people will spend on an Integra Type R. While I realize they were possibly the best fwd of their time, that was then, AND they are still fwd. I have noticed though, that although there have been a few outliers, most of the cars coming up for sale lately, have not been pulling such high numbers. This is probably a result of a few very well heeled buyers that just had to have one, vs everyone else who would like to have one if possible, which makes everyone who does own one think it’s worth the same kind of money.