The 600+ mph daily routine of the Bloodhound LSR team

By now, having achieved its 2019 goal of 600+ mph in South Africa’s Kalahari desert two months ago, the team behind the Bloodhound LSR project and the jet car itself are back in England. Yet before packing up to get some well-deserved winter rest and start preparing for even higher speeds in the coming year(s), the Bloodhound team also took a video of its daily routine to show us what is necessary for everything to go as smoothly as its simulations suggested.

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I ask this question not to be cynical or critical but is there any point to these type of high speed runs other than for bragging rights? It’s well know that a jet engine can accelerate a machine well beyond the speed of sound so what is achieved by aiming it sideways along the ground and lighting it up? Surely at 600 MPH+ The “driver” is not steering it is he? Are there benefits that I’m not seeing to be learned and used in everyday vehicles that are taken away from these unbelievably expensive ventures?