The 7 best engine swaps from SEMA 2018


The SEMA show brings out the brawniest and boldest new car and truck builds from all over the the world. Much of the show’s floor space is dedicated to the aftermarket engine performance parts industry, so it’s no surprise that hoods are popped to show off the latest in speed parts.

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I love that 49 Merc!


That Mustang is SICK! Nice craftsmanship too


Wow, that’s a ballsy move, customizing a Gullwing!! Never thought I’d see it…


@jamespfleming - I’m with you in surprise someone had the stones to customize a Gullwing. I’m not a fan of it, but they certainly could have done worse.


Weaver Customs 1953 Bel Air
has dual Magna Charger 122 superchargers
designed by Jerry Magnuson


It’s a Kit car that was reworked by Kindig to exactly match the original Mercedes. It looks amazing.