The 7 cars we’re watching most at the 2020 Arizona Auctions

It’s January 2020, which means the somewhat lackluster 2019 collector car market is behind us. With the Kissimmee, Florida, auctions already underway and the iconic Bullitt Mustang poised to cross Mecum’s block at no reserve, the year is off to a potentially promising start. The annual auction festivities in the Scottsdale, Arizona, area kick off next week, which means we’ve been poring through auction catalogues, pounding late-afternoon coffees, and burning the high-zinc midnight oil doing research.

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That '70 ZR1 Corvette is sporting side exhaust. As a former owner of a '69 427 Corvette I have always been told that the side exhaust, which was a popular option for the C2s, was a one year option for the C3s in 1969. The Feds outlawed the side exhaust the next year. Was I wrong?

No, you’re right. But this ZR1 has an aftermarket side exhaust that was very popular.
I had a 1970 convertible with a side exhaust made of factory C3 and C2 parts, but I removed it a short time later as the noise became unbearable over long drives.

I had a 67 427 Corvette with side pipes and couldn’t agree with you more after 45 minutes it was too much. My next car was also a 67 Corvette coupe with the L79. Want the sound but not side pipes, I put the chambered exhaust in the stock locations and through the stock tips. The best of both worlds.

Have a very rare 1996 Corvette Collectors Edition Convertible in cherry
condition, wonder what it would bring at auction? Not taking it there but
I do have it listed for sale on E-bay.

I did a complete restoration on my all matching numbers, 1968 427/435 Tri-Power. Never understood why anyone would want the side pipes. They were on my car when I got it (an add on, not original) and I hated them. Loud and hot. They were removed when the car was restored

A couple 96 Collector Edition Convertibles just went through Mecum action in Kissimmee, FL.

Both automatics 1 @ $17050, 12,000 miles and the other @ $15950, 53,000 miles + the 10% commission.

If you have the LT4/manual, much more value there.

I once lost a first place in C3 stock with my '69 to a '70 with side pipes. I pointed out to the host club judges that the side pipes were incorrect and would put the '70 into modified class. They argued but there was a booth at the show for the NCRS and they agreed with me. The host club ignored that too and gave him the hardware. I think he was a member of their club.

Mine has the LT-4 and 6-spd. manual, same drivetrain as the Grand Sport. Close to showroom cond. 89K miles trying to get 15K.

A three liter, 240 hp 12 cylinder…now I just wonder how THAT would perform in the prism of today’s automobiles? Is that a slow revving car, with not much grunt down low? Or, do you need to rev it to wring out the best performance?

I had a 71 LT1 with the side mount headers and pipes. I liked the look and it sounded great, but the problems were too much. The old carb engines had a strong exhaust smell and in the summer with the windows open in traffic it was bad, it also was very loud inside the car. The biggest problem I had with them was a passenger that was not used to a low car like the Corvette tended to put the back of there leg on the pipe when they got out of the car and it could cause a bad burn. It was always a date killer when a girl would get out of the car and melt her stockings to her leg.

had 67 corvette and never even thought bout side exhaust. Just didn’t like the look. Would be cool to blow leaves on a fall startup!

Hmm, a 914 or a 540K at the same estimate? I understand the rarity of the 914/6GT, but if those estimates hold up in the auction, it is surely a very strong indicator ofthe generational influence on collector car prices.

Hagerty says about the ZR-1 “This appears to be a nicely restored example…”

A friend and I counted over 40 things incorrect about the car, some major and some not, and that doesn’t even include the side exhaust and header modifications.
Having judged several ZR-1s, this one is not near the top of the heap. I would not base the market on this car.

I love the Callaway, though.

I owned a 1970 350/350. Miss that car, all original, no side pipes, always liked the look however, but now it “sounds” like they are purely racing equipment and for show only. Sold it in 1994 when we had children, would be amazing to find it again some day.

90% of responses were about the Corvette. Hmmmm…
I live my car life by what I can buy for the money I have. I want the best bang for the buck. Can I buy newer with the same attributes as older but with more comfort and convenience ?
And so it is with my 1970 MGBGT 5.0 AOD LSD hotrod. Hard charging at nowhere near the price of collector cars but with the same image and performance.

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For the money, I personally like that Viper.

The headers are Baldwin Motion, and original manifolds are included. My feels are that this is a value add. Also, possibly the only one with 3:08 gear, a wonderful highway gear to allow some low rpm traveling.
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