The 7 coolest new off-road trucks


The hobby of off-roading has been gaining popularity since the 1960s, but it has exploded in the last decade. With more and more people getting out on the trail, and sales of pickup trucks and SUVs rising at an ever-growing clip, automakers have answered the call. Off-road packages are more wisely conceived and better engineered than ever, with special suspensions, increased ground clearance, protective skidplates, locking differentials, and beefy bodywork.

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37000 for a two door wrangler and 55000 for a four door sahara. I dont know is it me or has the whole “jeep thing” gone a rye. 55000 and 8-10 yrs financing for a vehicle thats appeal was being basic and fuctional. It may as well be a grand. Obviously, the corps know alot more than i do as they’re selling like hot cakes.

The CJ was my muscle car when i was 18. I had a mint 78 Renegade, 304 Auto, quadratrac levis edition. I sold it when is was 24 and kicked myself as soon as it left the driveway. I check every cj i come upon and hope i will meet her again. 15 years later i passed one on the roadside and the wife gave me the green light. No way it wasnt coming home with me. A 4yr build and 5000 miles later. Im already missing summer…