The 8 greatest Jaguars that aren’t E-Types


Sir William Lyons founded the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, began making his own sports cars in 1931, switched the name on the building to Jaguar in ’45, and created a masterpiece in 1961. That year, on March 15, the Jaguar E-Type was unveiled to the world at the Geneva Motor Show. With an independent rear suspension, Jag’s already legendary double-overhead-cam inline-six engine, and the shape of all shapes (designed by Malcolm Sayer), it will forever be considered the greatest Jaguar of all-time.

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How could you leave out the XK 120, the car that put Jaguar on the map in the U. S.


Re: the D-Jag. Back in the mid-80’s I was an independent auto damage appraiser and looked at a lot of exotics for Lloyd’s. The strangest assignment I ever got from them was to look at a slightly damaged D-Jag at some shop I had never heard of near San Leandro California. I went to the address, which turned out to be a non-descript almost abandoned looking building set way back from the street. No signs or indications that the building was occupied. The door was locked; I knocked on it and a man opened the door a crack and asked me what I wanted, speaking in a whisper. I explained and he let me in. Inside the “shop” was dimmly lit and there was no work of any kind going on, nor were there tools to do any. The room was in fact deadly silent. There were two more men inside, both speaking in the same hushed, reverent tones. I found the car but they told me not to touch it and one of them stood between me and the car to make sure I couldn’t. When I told them I needed to photograph the odometer one of them took the camera from me and took the photo, to make sure I didn’t accidentally touch the car. When I left I halfway expected to look back and see that the building had disappeared. I’ve often wondered what the story was on that one.


What about the XKSS and the Lightweihgt and Low drag Etypes


I think I saw the XJR14’s at Riverside International Raceway up against the Porsche 962’s and the Nissans Now that was Awesone if I may use a massively abused word.