The $80,000 Lamborghini Murcielgo is much worse than I expected

Having already been lured into buying, sight-unseen, that Lamborghini Murceilago from The Fate of the Furious in part one of this story, I was finally in California, ready to collect my prize. It was not pretty. Or a prize. Or safe. It did run, which, as it turns out, was both promising and terrifying.

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Ah the joy of buying a car sight unseen. Picking the car up is half the fun. Who among us car guys has not had an eye opening experience. Always have to assume the worst then you won’t be too disappointed.
I once bought a car to strip and found it had no rust so I rebuilt everything. That was a bit of a surprise.


Can you share the make and model of the trailer you bought for $2000? looks nice.
I’m sure as soon as you get a few things patched up the car will be a thrill to drive…the good kind of thrill.


Excellent start to the story. From here on it looks like being a real hoot (for onlookers) - low production Italian Supercars are notoriously easy to fix !!! I wish you genuinely good luck and will be watching closely. All the best.
Ian (England)

Run for your physical and monetary lives! :wink:

Good luck…I’m in the process of rebuilding (yet again) my 1969 Mustang Sportsroof…restomod…3 kids…I couldn’t imagine taking on an exotic like this at this time (or to be honest, at any other time…lol)…hope it goes as well as can possibly be expected…I look forward to following the progress and taking notes…

I see what you did there! Yes, they ARE fairly easy to fettle…hahahaha…

These cars have the fit and finish of a Toyota MR2. I do like the trailer though.It is fun to watch though with OPM(other peoples money)

Great story, well written, but how do you drive cross country with that unprepared trailer? To narrow, to short and a giant box in front? Sorry you kind of deserve that piece of pain. Non the less an outrageous car that hopefully will not become a money pit.

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Much worse than expected? I don’t know what you expected but it doesn’t sound too bad at all for 80 grand.

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Silly me … I probably would have bought some paver blocks at the local big box store and put them in the front box of the “Tavarish Express” trailer. Good way to gain the needed tongue weight for the trailer, and build a walkway (with a great story) at home in Florida.

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“Doing the Lambo walk”

From day one I said to just leave it alone and drive the crap out of it because it was a POS and there was no bringing it back for cheap.
Guess I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Now that you have it home in your own back yard, before you let it out of its cage, be sure that both you and the car have had all the necessary shots to ensure good health.

Nah, the MR2 has better fit and finish, but I still love Lambo anyhow.

I’ve never been one to use metric wrenches any more than I had to, and would have been one of those dazed onlookers at the fuel pumps, but a cool car is a cool car, and I’m really enjoying the series.

Owning a car with movie credits is fun. At one time, I owned the Ferrari 308 from the movie “National Lampoon’s Vacation”. It was documented as the car that Christie Brinkley drove in the movie. It was in pristine condition, so I did not have the project that you have. It generated lots of conversation. The only problem with a car like that is that is unique. I was always afraid to drive mine, since it was one of a kind. Have fun!

Reminds me of the time I bought a Maserati Khamsin sight unseen in West Virginia and drove it home to Nevada. Scary time in Baton Rouge when I lost the brakes and had to limp into Houston to find a dealer that had the special hydraulic fluid Maseratis needed then. What fun!

I picked up an unseen jaguar xke coupe with a ford 289 engine. It looked wonderful but drove terrible. I hated every minute driving it. Thank God it quit running on the test drive and I got my deposit back. I am really enjoying your story.

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Reminds me of the '63 Stingray Split Window I bought for $200! It was a total, took a flatbed roll off to get it home with all the pieces. Restored it over two years with many comments from my Mrs., most about when will I get rid of it, as she wouldn’t get in it without taking out a life insurance policy after her one and only ride!