The $80,000 Lamborghini Murcielgo is much worse than I expected

Now that you have it home in your own back yard, before you let it out of its cage, be sure that both you and the car have had all the necessary shots to ensure good health.

Nah, the MR2 has better fit and finish, but I still love Lambo anyhow.

I’ve never been one to use metric wrenches any more than I had to, and would have been one of those dazed onlookers at the fuel pumps, but a cool car is a cool car, and I’m really enjoying the series.

Owning a car with movie credits is fun. At one time, I owned the Ferrari 308 from the movie “National Lampoon’s Vacation”. It was documented as the car that Christie Brinkley drove in the movie. It was in pristine condition, so I did not have the project that you have. It generated lots of conversation. The only problem with a car like that is that is unique. I was always afraid to drive mine, since it was one of a kind. Have fun!

Reminds me of the time I bought a Maserati Khamsin sight unseen in West Virginia and drove it home to Nevada. Scary time in Baton Rouge when I lost the brakes and had to limp into Houston to find a dealer that had the special hydraulic fluid Maseratis needed then. What fun!

I picked up an unseen jaguar xke coupe with a ford 289 engine. It looked wonderful but drove terrible. I hated every minute driving it. Thank God it quit running on the test drive and I got my deposit back. I am really enjoying your story.

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Reminds me of the '63 Stingray Split Window I bought for $200! It was a total, took a flatbed roll off to get it home with all the pieces. Restored it over two years with many comments from my Mrs., most about when will I get rid of it, as she wouldn’t get in it without taking out a life insurance policy after her one and only ride!

Its great that us mad dreamers are still out there when it comes to projects. Nah, it wont cost THAT much… sure, I WILL have it finished soon… honey you will love it when it is finished… yeah right !!


It seems that no one knows about Tavarish and his love for Lambos. He has a YOU TUBE VIDEO segments on his cars. Check it out. I think the story was very well done but also think Tavarish laughed about the deal all the way back to Florida.

Couple of things…

First @ tipo​331 I currently LIVE IN Baton Rouge and while I do not have an atlas or Google Maps (Waze, et al) in front of me, I can’t think of how “going from West by God Virginia to Nevada” would take you through Baton Rouge??? Sounds like something I’d do though…

Second - Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez You are one hell of a writer. Again - “Sounds like something I’d do…” I’ve also gone to pick up cars and had all sorts of surprises waiting for me and my wife at our destination. Thank God that she’s a good spirited car-gal and she loves these rusty / troublesome / adorably charming pieces of crap as much as I do. The most memorable (at least for the moment) was the 68 Barracuda notchback that we rescued in Williamsburg VA one evening. Apparently living in really high dollar neighborhoods next to the country club means that “You do not get street lights here” and it was D-A-R-K behind the guy’s house. I’d have to make a 90* turn as I went down the side yard to line up with the car that was tucked up tight behind the house. What to do? Set previously mentioned car-gal on the trailer Indian style with my cigarette-lighter-socket-powered spotlight in her hands, pointing towards the back of the house. Thankfully I added about 15’ of speaker wire to the light just in case of situations like this… Back down around the side of the house on the first try (thank you honey!) only to realize that the car has four flat tires and the four brake drums are permanently 1,000% STUCK onto the brake shoes from sitting on mud for who knows how long. Thank the Lord that my old 70’s Dodge was a POS and I had to store various containers of vital fluids under the hood to replenish the supply reservoirs in the engine room. A bottle of antifreeze splashed onto the metal decking of the trailer made it slippery as ice and I used the come-along (No, I didn’t have the money for an electric winch (yet) and I sure wasn’t about to ask my lovely wife to operate the come-along). It loaded surprisingly easily and the guy was amazed at my creativity. Footnote: When I got home with the car and tried to unload it the next afternoon, obviously it wasn’t going to just “kick into neutral and let gravity roll it down the ramps…”. So, I hooked a J-hook to my privacy fence at the back corner of the shop and hooked the other end to one of the spring shackles at the rear of the leaf springs. Apply a bit more antifreeze to the trailer and drop the old Dodge truck into “1” and floor it. You military types call this a “combat offload”. Works like a charm!

The Lambo? Drive the wheels off of this thing, as close to “as purchased” as you can (fixing many/most/all of the "health & safety issues first, of course!) just to annoy the high brows at the local Cars & Coffee event. Lean on it, sit on it, let pretty girls lean on it to get their pictures taken… Have FUN with it!!! If you need some parts, contact me. There is a guy here in Baton Rouge that has a lot of Lamborghinis in various stages of completion, engine blocks, miscellaneous parts littering his kitchen… yes, KITCHEN… His wife is a sweetheart, but she doesn’t cook… She’s more understanding than MY wife, and that’s saying something!!! Match made in heaven, I’d say!!!

Great story!!!

Sounds like an adventure! You’re not quite red-neck enough though. I’d have just stopped by Home Depot/Lowes and bought a few cement blocks – $2 for each 38# block. You could have put 900# in that box in front for $50 (25 blocks plus tax). Sholdn’t have taken that much, and while it would have taken a bit more fuel due to the added weight, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near $2000. And you’d have had some blocks to put the car on… just don’t work under it on concrete blocks!

Exactly what I thought too. Except I would have cheaped out and just filled it with sand/gravel/dirt/hardcore.

yeah, or just fill it with dirt

I was thinking why not just remove the box? It does look like it was built to the trailer but a grinder or saw all is cheeper than a new trailer. Put the box into the truck box and haul it home.

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Great story. Here’s to years of enjoyment from the soon $140k Lambo! :beers:
I’ve bought many cars sight unseen. Rarely a pleasantry on arrival, but often not terribly disappointing. It’s always a nice surprise when people tell you more than you would have noticed on first glance. Just got home tonight from buying the 95 Impala SS T-56 (three pedals) conversion featured in Jalopnik a few years ago.
After talking with the gentleman on the phone, I thought “this thing has got to be a turd”. He mentioned every single thing. I was expecting that to be just the tip of the iceberg. A few weeks later I went to look at it. No trailer. No cash in hand. I was very pleasantly surprised. Came home. Made an offer the next day, and here it is at its new home.
Not quite sight unseen, but for weeks it was. The other one I went to look at (same trip, the one I thought I would buy with 60k actual miles :joy:, failed to mention it had been salvaged, lost about 80k miles, and was missing most of the passenger side, and appeared to be a clone with no SPID label or door jamb decal present.
Another car added to the stable, but I expect many years of enjoyment out of it.

Thank you Lord for showing me that I’m not the only dumb ass on this earth. Jim

Hey, here’s a thought; call the guys on MotorTrend’s Garage Squad and have them help you sort it out. It could be the their first four-part episode since they tend to restore their victims in one half or hour long episode. Could be fun!


Welcome to buyer beware club. Time is on your side. I’ve had a few regrets on car purchases. Staying with a project can yield some rewards however.

Seems to me that your trailer weight distribution problem could have been solved by placing the requisite number of bags of sand in your storage compartment at the front of the trailer, placing more weight on the tongue.

That way, you could have paid down your mortgage by $2,000 and imported some California sand to Florida.

I made a similar mistake buying Joey Kramer’s, (Aerosmith Drummer) wrecked F355. This one he wrecked before the one he burned.

It had a hard front impact and I bought it from the insurance auction for $55k. We grafted on a new nose from used parts I was able to find and straightened the unibody and made a new front trunk. It cost me about $30k for all and I thought I was brilliant being into a 2 year old F355 for 40k below market.

It all went pear shaped when it threw a connecting rod at Moroso and Ferrari knowing it was a defect was kind enough to give me a new short block for free less the Ferrari of Greenwich (Miller) labor cost to build it back up. $12k.

Then a year later when time to sell this low mileage black beauty I found not 1 buyer who wanted a nice celebrity wrecked exotic with a salvage title for any price.

I ended up trading it for a 1/2 season seat in a Z3 coupe for the Grand-am cup.