The 9 best movie Pontiacs that aren’t a Trans Am

When it comes to Pontiac and movies, there can be only one that tops everyone’s list: the glorious jet-black 1977 6.6-liter Trans Am that played so central a role in Smokey and the Bandit that director Hal Needham considered it a character, not a prop.

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Great memories although I haven’t seen them all. I miss my 65 Goat. But I can’t believe you missed “Two lane blacktop”. With Warren Oates actor name “GTO” as well.

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In the Seven Ups it definitely sounds like they used the engine sound from the Bullitt Mustang for the Pontiac Ventura.

What about Matthew McConaughey’s ‘70 GTO Judge in Dazed and Confused?

Matthew McConaughey’s car was a big block SS Chevelle. 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge. This car was driven by Kevin Pickford, played by Shawn Andrews. …

Been too long since I saw the movie and am misremembering. Anyways, still worth adding to the list. Now I know what to watch this weekend!

Try checking out the beautiful 1969 GTO judge in the movie Sex Drive 2008. It gets wrecked then repaired by the Amish mechanic Seth Green. Very Funny. www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQF5YrmuZGY

The movie Home for the Holidays features a 1970 GTO. Great scenes with the car spinning low speed 180’s. The best line, “Take the goat, my treat” by Robert Downey. Here are some clips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lix2hFLMz2g

Directed by Jodie Foster starring Robert Downey and Holly Hunter.

I belive that the “Bullitt” chase scene will forever be the “gold standard”! That said, surely the chase in “French Connection” is the closest possible silver medal winner!

Epic fail. Wheatley’s '65 Goat from Hollywood Knights was a sweeter ride than any of these.

The crash at the end was a mistake. They were filming a run thru and if you watch close you can see the stuntman duck right before he goes under. That was what was SUPPOSED to happen- just not then.

And My Cousin Vinny From 1992

Wow that is some awesome video, some I have not seen before. That got me motivated, can’t wait to get home and finish installing a 9 inch axle in my SS Monte. Then I can do some cool side drift burn outs! On closed race areas only of course. Nice Pontiacs, cool driving! Thanks for the video clips.

68 From My Science Project! (1985)

Great movie!! Lots of great cars in that one!

Seven Ups chase is my favourite here. Gotta watch the rest of the movie now, if I can find it.

Jeez…how did you miss the Monkeemobile!


Carrie Fisher drove a 77 Grand Prix in the Blues Brothers. Still remember the headliner on fire after she hit their building with a rocket launcher!

As a long time Hagerty customer how cool and what an honor it is to be checking my email, open up this article and see my '66 GTO from the movie “Knight and Day” up there! I’ve had it for about 17 years now and will never sell it, my son (5 years old now) will carry on it’s ownership at some point - he’s into “cool old cars”, so that’s the plan! It is indeed a restored tri-power 4 speed car in its original colors, options, etc…I appreciate the original driving experience over anything else (yeah, some say I’m crazy), so I’ve kept it in 100% original form, i.e, bias plys, am radio, drum brakes, single master, etc… Being involved with the movie was definitely a memorable experience and I was adamant from the get-go about being on the set, moving it for set-up shots, turning any wrenches, etc…as I’d heard many horror stories of abused “movie” cars. The only exception was when Cameron Diaz drove away in it on the beach. All of the other scenes utilized a real-deal GTO, but it was in very rough shape (we’re talking plywood bench seat and no real interior for example…) and not treated well at all. I actually decoded that car as best as possible off the data plate and toyed with the idea of trying to purchase it from the studio to save it, but it never happened. Hopefully it went on to a better owner after the movie. My GTO gets driven quite a bit (though not as much as I’d like), including a solo week long camping trip to the Eastern Sierra via highway 395. That same trip I also made a side trip to Death Valley on a 124 degree day (late July) without issue. I took along plenty of tools and spare parts just in case, but had absolutely no issues. There’s something about rolling along on old two-lane blacktop on bias-plys with nobody else around in a beautiful setting that is just magical…life is simple again as least for awhile!

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Geez guys, What about xXx with Vin Diesel. That bad ass secret agent 67 Goat with all the cool gadgets was awesome!