The 9 Hottest Cars Under $25K


By now you know that the collector trucks and SUVs are red hot. Nevertheless, just because demand is high doesn’t mean prices are out of reach for mere mortals just yet. The striking similarity between the Hagerty Vehicle Rating Top 25 and this list of the hottest cars and trucks under $25K is indicative of just how much activity there is in the affordable collector car market.

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Nice, cheap collectibles. I’ll stay with my modern collectible for under $25, SVT lightning F150, 1 of 839 made in black


I can’t even imagine those are the “hottest” cars under $25k. I wouldn’t buy any those cars. You can get a nice early second gen Firebird Formula for under $25k.


A Porsche 914 2.0 beats all of these cars and can be had for under $25k. Stay away from the smaller motors though.


So what about the 1969, 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix 427/455 HURST models? Did you forget about those? You always forget about those.


Except for the Mazda and Chevy’s, I don’t see much reason to take up valuable storage area with most of these.The time it will take for the current value vs. the cost of storage, and time to become really profitable,math, doesn’t work for me.


Except for the Chevy pickups, the cars on your list don’t excite me much. They’re OK, but I much prefer my '86 Chev El Camino Conquista!


When are the Chrysler products from the 40s going to appreciate. I have a 47 Plymouth convertible.


IDE get a c5 z06 . 914 is a s**t box


this list is too brief and overlooked 9 cars/trucks that are hotter. Do own an uncut 1966 Bronco that I will be restoring and selling. It’s been hot.