The absolute best road trip tunes, according to you

Last week in the Hagerty Forums, we popped open a conversation about your favorite road trip tunes—so let’s talk shop with the results.

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Donald Fagan… Trans-Island Skyway.

Radar Love and De toma
so… The only way to go!

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OK, seeing as no one seems to have a suggestion or they are all out cruisin’ and celebrating the USA’s 243rd birthday.
I will start off with:
Johnny Cash’s — ‘One Piece at a Time’ for all you “RAT ROD” folks.
War’s — "Low Rider for all the “SLAMMERS” out there.
Of course for all the afore mentioned cruisers — The James Gang’s “Cruisin’ Down the Highway”
Myself, I prefer Steppenwolf’s — “Magic Carpet Ride” followed by “Big Sound of the Drags”


With all due respect to every great tune suggested so far, I am astounded that the Grandfather of car tunes has not even been mentioned, much less given his rightful place at the top of the list. Chuck Berry started it all with Maybelline.

Oh and how about a nod to Ike Turner with Rocket 88. Now we’re talkin!


On the Road Again Willie Nelson


Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody
Drive my car - Beatles
Carefree Highway - Gordon Lightfoot
Maybelline - Chuck Berry
Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell or Counting Crows
Born to run; Thunder Road, Racing in the Street - Bruce Springsteen
I Can’t Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
105 - Smashmouth
King of the road - Dean Martin or Roger Miller
Road to nowhere - Talking Heads
Crossroads - Allman Bros or Cream
Love Shack - B-52’s
Fun Fun Fun - The Beach Boys

And the two to blast with the windows open at a gas station just outside of Tucumcari: Gimmie all your Lovin’ and Sharp Dressed Man - from the ZZ Top “Eliminator” album.


Jessica - The Allman Bros

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“Speedway at Nazareth” by Mark Knopfler and of course “ Livin’ in the USA” by the Steve Miller Band.

Willin’ by Little Feat - the live version from Waiting For Columbus.

How do you pass on the original Cross Road Blues for Clapton’s version?

Drivin’ My Life Away- Eddie Rabbitt
Midnight Rider- Allman Brothers
Rollin’-Big & Rich
Take Me Home, Country Roads-John Denver
Born Free-Kid Rock
Kickstart My Heart-Motley Crüe
Wherever I May Roam-Metallica
Little Red Corvette-Prince

Just some car and road based songs. But the best road trip songs are the ones that make being out there even better!

Yep. And Ramblin’ Man from the same album. Drove many miles listening to Brothers and Sisters.

Zeppelin…drop in greatest hits & start slamming gears & rapping that exhaust!

“Lake Shore Drive” by Skip Haynes of Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah

“Steppin’ Out” by Joe Jackson
“Route 66” (tv show theme song) by Nelson Riddle

I’ve checked with several northeast state police departments and Radar Love is actually an officially sanctioned excuse when pulled over for speeding. The Trooper will nod, smile, and wave you on. In the south, it’s Call Me The Breeze (Skynard).


“And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile”
“You May ask yourself, where does that highway go to?”


Green Onions-The Very Best Instrumental!!!

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Freedom Rider and Captain America by the Three Rivers Blues Band. Buddha records 1970.

Nothing here about the Eagles? The best selling American band of the 20th century?