The Art of Racing in the Rain could use a lot more racing

I hate myself for getting misty eyed in The Art of Racing in the Rain. The new film adapted from Garth Stein’s best-selling novel is so dumb and predictable that most of the audience could write the rest of the script themselves after watching the first 10 minutes. Lassie Come Home has the tension and intellectual wallop of The Third Man by comparison. But the movie is also fundamentally sweet—it is a Disney release after all—and laden with heart-tugs for anyone who has ever been nuzzled by their dog or forced to endure the funeral of a loved one.

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The car is absolutely beautiful. No mention of what it is in the review.

My guess is it’s a homebuilt, the aerodynamics of the front are a disaster!

I’ve read a couple of reviews of this movie, complaining about the lack of racing action or what is going on beyond what is shown. I think what is missed is that this film is shown from the perspective of Enzo, the dog. Every scene - except maybe the last courtroom scene where Eve’s mom is shown testifying, although this may be described later in the presence of Enzo - the dog is there to witness what is going on. The only racing action where Enzo is present is at the school when the principal from Ferrari arrives. That would explain all of the other racing action being shown on TV, where Enzo is. There is another scene at the end of the movie that can be explained, but I won’t describe for the sake of those who have not seen it yet.

Yeah, it kinda looks like this homebuilt.

The problem has always been to get the intensity of DRIVING AT SPEED on the screen. It is pretty much impossible to have the audience FEEL the G forces and that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach when the rear end suddenly breaks loose, the RUSH of coming out of the last turn in a semi slide within inches of the home straight wall but keeping your foot in it all the way !

Sure, Enzo is good, but not in the same league with Mr. Ed, the talking horse. It’s like comparing LL Cool J to Robert DeNiro.

I suggest watching “The Crowd Roars” with James Cagney. It was remade in the late 30’s but not as good. Howard Hawks directed the Cagney version and he knew what he was about. Early in the film finds Cagney and his crew doing carburation testing by running their car in a closed railway baggage car, This is not generally recommended.

The book was not really about racing, that was only the scene set. It’s much more a morality play, with resurrection at its core. For me it was intensely personal as a dear friend, terminally ill at too young, gave me a copy; one that I passed to a half dozen others and still have. The movie can well live up to the book without a lot of racing. There are plenty of other films for that.

My guess is anyone who doesn’t recognize the red car won’t care about the lack of racing scenes.

It has a Ferrari badge on the hood in the racing number.

I don’t know if it’s real or a replica but for those that don’t know this is a pontoon fendered 250 Testa Rossa