The best looking four-door cars, according to you


The prevailing opinion within the collector car world is that two-doors hold higher value and desirability, but when we asked for your favorite four-door on the Hagerty Forums last week, we received some impassioned responses—over 100, in fact. Here are six that received multiple nominations.

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Having had the good fortune to have owned a 64 Lincoln convertible for 40 years, I fully endorse these 60’s clap door cars. Simply elegant!

WRT the Jaguar, to my eye, the origional XJ 6, with the slim chrome bumpers, and that spectacular tapered rear end, was William Lyons last (of many!) gift(s) to the automotive world.

Re the Corvair: When I first met my wife (74), she had a 66 Corsa. The second gen Corvair was one of Bill Mitchell’s best designs, and that’s saying a lot, and while we had a number of coupes and convertibles over the years, I would not have turned my nose up at a 4 door with a 4 speed, if one had fallen into my lap. Sadly, I suspect few were saved. It’s a shame, even a base 500 was a hardtop and so much prettier than than any other domestic compact 4 door of time.

Mercedes: We’ve been Mercedes fans for years, and I’d argue that any 4 door MB sedan designed by Bruno Sacco from the late 60’s thru the early/mid nineties is very pleasing to the eye and worthy of consideration. My favorite sedans over the years have been the “S” class cars, like the 280SEL listed, and the W126 560SEL. These cars are still very contemporary and safe. One of the big benefits to a 4 door is rear seat access. Get the long wheelbase model and your third and fourth friend will be impressed.


I have a 64 4 door galaxie hardtop that i think looks better than most of the cars on the list. Trying to find parts is not that easy having anything to do with 4 door hardtop part of the car.


You missed two of the best all around driver in the 4 door model, the 1996 Impala SS. Fine automobile.
A late year Cadillac CTS-V Sedan, how are you going to top it?


The classics shown look pretty good. The Lincolns of course are great. Many thought the first gen Panamera was ungainly, but the current models shouldn’t be overlooked.


4 door Hdtp’s were much better looking overall than most sedans.


Four door hardtops…Where did they go! As a kid, I was head over heels for his 56 Chevy Bel Air 4 door hardtop in black and chartreuse. Another neighbor has a 56 Mercury Montclair 4 door hardtop in orange and crème. (50/50 bar colors) but still to this day I go gaga for GM’s four door hardtops from 55 thru 60. Especially the 59 & 60 flat roof versions across GM’s line up. Even though they are not sedans, I have to mention the four door hardtop wagons from GM, Chrysler and Mercury in the 57-58 years. Those were killer SUV’s.


I’m a fan of my 2009 Pontiac G8 GT. Lots of HP from the factory, no weird problems, 4 doors and leather throughout!!!


A little on the modern side, but the Mercury Marauder and Chevy Impala SS. I’d proudly drive either.


Our early Series 3 XJ6 continues to garner admiring comments - perhaps somewhat surprisingly from many younger folks - even though it is not a show car. Less driven nowadays, but it has given us well over 300,000 miles of reliable transportation. I checked the crank at about 280,000 miles and finding it un-scored and very, very close to factory spec on all rod journals with no apparent wear on the mains I put in all new shells and an oil pump and continued driving. Maintenance is the key on these cars - lots of grease points, and change the oil regularly. They really are remarkably nice cars to drive and to look at. The Jaguar mechanics I know are in agreement - the engines, if maintained, are not problematic. The one failure to proceed on ours was due to the ignition module / amplifier. Maker? No, not Lucas, but AC Delco!
Our other Jaguar is an E-Type - Opalescent Silver Blue Series 1 4.2 coupe. It has also proven very reliable. One key is to get the set up on the triple carbs correct and then leave them alone…


I’m partial to late 50s GM “Flat Top” Sedans:


My first car was a 1955 Mercury Montclair 4 door, blue with a white top and lots of chrome. I still think it was one of the best looking 4 doors.


I have always liked the late-1960’s/early-1970’s MB sedans, and still do. The Jaguar sedan, as shown, still looks sooooo elegant. The Corvair four-door hardtop still looks stylish and sporty, reflecting the lightness it possesses. Not really a Tri-5 fan, and I would certainly not want the boxy sedan, were I to buy one. The Lincoln looks classy even today, even more so in convertible form.

I agree with those who cite the (now over 20 years old!) Impala SS; I drove a new one in 1996, and sometimes wish I had bought it. Good looks, good power (at the time), and good handling and brakes - not to mention room! I did like the Marauder, too, but its performance was disappointing.

I had a 2009 Lacrosse Super, with the LS4 V8. Curvy and stylish, with great acceleration, good handling, and a comfortable ride. I wish most every day that I had kept it. Maybe it will be a collectible someday (less than 3000 were built in 2008 & 2009, I believe), maybe not. But, what a ride!

Since they were SO numerous, it is easy to lose sight of what a good-looking sedan (and coupe) the 1997-1993 Grand Prix was. I had one of each; with the supercharged 3.8 option, they would scoot, too.


The best 4 door cars are the ones that were only available with 4 doors, such as the 61-63 first series Lincoln Continental and the Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special. Here is my 1956 model, but all of them are lovely to own and drive.

Danny Plotkin


Great cars…all of them. It appears many here have confused 4 door sedans with 4 door hardtops. You know…the ones with “no post” when all the windows are down. We used to call them hardtop convertibles due to their resemblance of a convertible with the top up. Gene Winfield, the 50’s customizer, took one of these flat tops on a 60 Caddy and made it into a two door. It looks terrific and it looks factory.


Not having the Cadillac Fleetwood on this list is almost criminal, that Lincoln wouldn’t have looked half as good if it wasn’t trying to look as good as the Cadillac. Also I owned a 1985 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3, and it was an excrement box, whoever put that on the list should be forced to drive one for two weeks and explain that decision at the end of the two weeks.


I’ve always enjoyed the early cars, sedans both stock and mildly hotroded. The ‘40 is my personal favourite. All of the 4 drs are cool and different. Most like the 2 dr versions but being different is good.

    Danny you are 100% right.

I am partial to the Caddy Sixty Special. I also once owned a '56 Buick 4 door hardtop that I always thought looked much better than it’s 2 door coupe cousin.


My 57 Belair Sport Sedan looks nicer than several of these picks. Most of the 4dr no post cars were better looking than the sedans


That swap was not for me, until I finally tired of reliability issues with my newly purchased '87 Jaguar XJ6. So it was in with the GM product and out with the brilliantly designed, but outdated and unreliable Jaguar 4.2.