The best looking four-door cars, according to you


Two four door cars that have no B post…67 Pontiac Executive and 70 Plymouth Sport Fury
Both were available as a four door with and without B post. My college roommate had the Pontiac…what a boat but what an amazing ride. You simply floated over the road. #widetrack


Our problems started shortly after I bought the car. An air conditioner compressor bearing froze up at freeway speed, resulting in a tow home. (Yes, the compressor was a GM product.)

Then at 8K miles, a tappet guide came loose and destroyed the head. (This is a common problem with the 4.2, which I should have addressed with the “stake down” kit.)

And the final straw was a blown head gasket, which would have required a $10K head shave. For half that, I ordered all the parts from Jaguar Specialties, found a 1994 Buick Roadmaster with the SBC 350/4L60E transmission, and did the swap. I can now drive the vehicle with confidence and to go along with it, improved performance, including 22MPG.
Having bought the car with the intent of keeping it forever, we had followed maintenance procedures to the “T”. I bought the car because I liked the styling and handling - now it’s very reliable and I love it. But just in case I ever sell it, I have kept the original Jaguar drivetrain.


Thanks. We had to do it by the books in order to get it certified in California. I got a lot of good advice from the guy I bought the conversion parts from.

To me, while it’s not for the purist, I love the improved reliability and huge improvement in performance provided by the SBC/4L60E. We have picked up 5 seconds in zero to sixty down to 8.6, and improved mileage from 16 to 22.

May the donor '94 Buick Roadmaster forever rest in peace.


Liked my three tone 56 Dodge Royal Hdtp!


I really liked my dad’s 64 Olds 98 Holiday hardtop. It was really beutiful and was quite a cruiser.


Pontiacs from the late 50’s and early 60’s. 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop Convertible.


LOVE my 2004 Marauder! I get compliments nearly each day I drive it.


I still like my 2006 Cadillac CTSV. Plus my 97 318i BMW. The 4 door versions look much better than the 2 doors, that is my opinion. This one hasa 418ci GM LS engine and T56 trans. I call it a GMW!


@qualicas - GMW, I like it!


Oh, almost forgot. My dad had a new 1956 Chev BelAire 4 door hardtop. 265 manual. It was Yellow and Black.He traded it in on a 1964 Dodge 4 dr sedan before I was 16. Years later I was talking to Mom and Dad. They said had I mentioned anything about wanting the car, they would have kept it for me! One of my regrets for sure. He put 107000 miles on that car. No accidents although he did put a scratch on right rear fender backing up too close to a mountain when we drove a pipeline trail 300 miles and a gravel truck had to pass by us.


Yes! …and I own a 2005 champagne and pumpkin leather interior. It sounds as good as it looks, and goes FAST, too. Actually, it sounds better than all the other cars on the list, period.


that’s one of the best looking hardtops ever! Very nice!


kudos to that ride! What’s weirder than a Corvair? A 4-door Corvair! I like it!


The suicide Lincolns are a timeless classic, never to be bested! Other than that, a 4 door is just not cool. Seriously.


We have all been there, my uncle had a 4 door 65 Impala…two beach seats and and nothing else…4 crank down window and 3 on the tree…but now a 4 door has to have some SPORT name in it to sell.
I know way back then it was not a well liked style and for many owners a 2 door car was never going to be useful…My dad had 4 doors all my life but ours were called station wagons with another seat in the back. Sedans became coupes because they were able to get rid of the frames around the glass so when the glass was rolled all the way down it made the profile of the car change, for the better…We go in and out of just what we think is necessary for a while when it comes to what our needs are right then and there,Mini vans and SUV’s almost wiped out the 4 door sedan market and with the ever growing truck market, they added 2 more doors to pick-ups because 2 door pick up fills up really quick. They probably will never go away for good but there will come a time that a 4 door car will either be a bare bones commuter car or the top of the line luxury sedan, either way there will all ways be someone in those markets till auto makers start dropping them from their line ups, like Ford is doing with its three 4 door compacts… My choice has alway been the Grand Marquis…

I had 2, a 1996 LS with the digital dash and my current 2003 GS…nothing rides better then a full frame car…S5000093Unknownvery similar to what my uncle had, but there were about 6 nieces and nephews in it on their way out for ice cream…Thank You Uncle Tom!!!


This is my Cadillac 1953
It is a pleasure to drive ,you forget everything during a ride in
this timecapsule.
Because i also use this car for weddings it is practical this car
has four Doors.

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Late 50’s “Ponton” style Benz. Here, my 220s


The list is incomplete without the original quintessential sport sedan…the BMW E28 M5. That car is basically genesis for all modern sports sedans.


Love my crew cab 56. Been in the family since I was 9.1980.


How about the ultra rare LeMans 4 door hard top? I love the look. I will miss this car, as I just sold it a couple of weeks ago. Of course this article comes out now LOL