The BMW 8 Series is spiking in value right now


The E30 M3 might still be the most popular modern BMW still climbing in value, but there’s another, less-boxy Bimmer whose value has been quietly climbing—the 8 Series. Beautifully proportioned, massively overengineered, and boasting twelve (and later eight) cylinders of German might, BMW’s top-of-the-line luxury grand touring coupe is finally starting to catch the eye of collectors. Many an 8 Series sat languishing untouched under stacks of wallet-evacuating repair bills for years, but rising prices might turn the tide and encourage more and more owners to get their vehicles into driving shape.

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I boight my J spec in Canada 6 years ago for $6000 it is modified with remapping,Superspront exhaust, lowered

with Eibachs and Bilstiens. Mk1 Motorsport wheels. Repainted last year. Value now £20,000?


@nickm - It’s always tough to value modified cars. Locating a few comparably tuned cars that are for sale or have sold recently will often give a good reference for your cars value. Looks sharp!