The Cadillac Fleetwood Talisman was king of the dinosaurs

Please welcome Richard Bennett and his feature, “The Brougham Society”. He will be your tour guide to that glorious era of American cars when the tops were Landau, the leather was Corinthian, and the best-selling car on the road was truly Supreme.

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Back when I started my Body Shop, one of my first jobs was completely refinishing one of these. Same color as this one too. Thought I’d never get from one end to the other. I’m getting tired just thinking about it. LOL

We had a similar one come into our body shop.The lady was getting ready to back it out of her garage when her toy poodle started bouncing all over the car. Distracted,and with the driver’s door still open,her foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas pedal. The car shot out of the garage,catching the door on the garage.The driver’s door was bent around almost double.I was the parts guy that had to look up and order almost every piece of that door !

In the late 80’s and up to the mid 90’s I did a lot of auto wholesaling and auction work. I have always loved Cadillacs. I was lucky enough to own a black Fleetwood of 1976 vintage but it was not a Talisman. Triple black, long and quiet. I paid 1200 for it and the other wholesalers thought I paid way too much. In the 90’s I was cruising custom Cadillacs in the no chrome era. Today I still drive a 69 Deville (triple black).

Are there any photos without a Tungsten filter?

We had one of these back in late 70’s. Holy cow was that thing big! It took two men and a boy just to lift the 10 foot hood. That 500 CID was a sight to behold. Rolling down the road was like driving on your couch. It even had the optional foot rests that mounted behind the front seats for the rear passengers. Ours had the 8 track with I think at least 12 speakers and man did it crank! My dad let me drive it to my prom in 1979 and I think we had at least 10 kids in that thing! Awesome memories! Thanks for the article!

Back in the eairly 80’s when used Caddies were everywhere I ran across a Talisman in the back of a seedy used car lot. Had no Idea what it was, but bought it for parts and put the beautiful blue interior in a '73 sedan deville I had. What a great car!

@Hagerty Great write up on the Talisman. This one looks to be possibly completely loaded which many Talismans for some reason were not. I see Trackmaster and the factory sunroof which alot of these cars did not have. If it also has fuel injection, this example would of cost about $17K new. It would of been nice to see more then 5 pics of it though. Dose the auther have any more pics of this particular car to share on here or to send? Love the Brougham articals.