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I just signed up, but wanted to add taht i love my camaro. Soon as i get it home in a week or so, i will share a pic. My question is this. I’m curious how much my 1995 camaro might value at. Here is the info i can give you at the moment. The car is in great condition. No scratches, pain job in very good shape, v6, and has only 31k miles on it. This car has been garage kep for the intire life of the vehicle. Anyone know what this might be worth if i was to get rid of it. O the car is a manual tranny. Everything about this car is just how it was when it came off the lot. I was offered 4 thousand dollars for it, but i feel this is way to low of a price. I think it can bring way more. What do you all think? Please let me know.


@jesstep78 - You are in luck! Hagerty’s Valuation Tool has Camaro values for just your situation. Sounds like a nice car, how do you like to enjoy it?


One thing that I am finding difficult with Hagerty’s Valuation Tool is their ability to not be able to supply proper valuation for cars such as my 2002 GMMG convertible SS Camaro or my 1972 Buick Skylark Sun Coupe. Is there a reason why those additional options or features are not included in the online valuation tools? I understand the GMMG being sent to another company for additional performance, handling and styling features but my Skylark Sun Coupe came direct from GM plant and is not listed as an option. From my findings there was only 1600-3000 of theses cars built. Any suggestions or thoughts is always greatly appreciated.


I can help out with your question as I am the guy who monitors Camaro values for the Hagerty Price Guide.

The GMMG cars are indeed very special and are actually something that I’d like to add in the near future. As GMMG did a number of performance levels and special editions like the ZL1 supercar and Berger SS for example, it’ll take some time and dedicated research to do it right. For now, if you’d like to reply or PM me with some specifics about your Camaro, I’d be happy to ballpark a value for you.

While I do not monitor the Skylark market, I believe that the Sun Coupe is merely a missed opportunity due to rarity. It does seem that it does add noticeable above where we value the standard Skylark. A quick search of listing sites found me a good, driver quality car listed for $14,900. I wouldn’t be surprised if a car with a show level presentation would be worth more. I do have a single confirmed sale from 2016 for $14,600 at auction but do not know the condition. Two cars are certainly not enough to accurately call the market, but I’d say a good car is at least that.


Thank you for your response. I know the Buick isn’t a high dollar collectible however it is very rare to see at car shows. I am actually having mine restored presently with well over that $14,900.00 figure into it. My reasoning like most other people is that it was the first car I bought some 20 years ago.
As for the GMMG it is the #2 convertible Anniversary Edition with 380 hp, manual, mint condition with a clean car fax, full documentation shows headers were installed by GMMG to get around GM’s warranty criteria which shows it dyno specs right around 400 hp. It has just under 20,000 miles on it. What other information would you need to know for it?


I actually just replied to your message. If it is easier to communicate through email we can gladly discuss that way. Thank you for your help in this matter.




Great info!

After extensive searching for comparable cars, I was unable to find any previous sales or currently listed convertibles. According to my resources, the GMMG convertibles are quite rare. The Berger SS cars seem to be the most abundant cars to draw conclusions from. I found a few cars in the $35,000 - $50,000 range with low miles. Considering that the Convertible are substantially rarer, it wouldn’t shock me if I saw someone list or sell theirs for $50,000 - $75,000. Maybe more. I have seen Phase III ZL1s listed for six-figures, so I understand there is a big market for these cars.


Is that for solely the GMMG Berger and ZL1 cars or all GMMG cars included? Mine is the 35th Anniversary Edition car. I bought mine two years ago for nearly $30,000 (only put roughly 1,000 miles on it since then). I know with the limited amount sold, I see them selling on Ebay and other related selling publications for anywhere between $30,000 on the low end and $60-70,000.00 on the high side.


I was referring to the non-ZL1 cars in that $50,000 - $75,000 price range. I definitely think that the ZL1 is a stand out car and needs to be considered a separate car from the general GMMG market. Granted, I am probably not as well versed in the nuances of the GMMG cars as you are (I can talk to you about SLP Camaros and Firebird all day long though), but based on the base HP stats my gut says that the market for the Berger, Tom Henry, Hot Rod, Anniversary SS, etc. are likely in the similar market value range, or at least within 10%-15%.

Let me know if that sounds completely off base.


I think it’s reasonsable for the higher hp cars. Stage two or three cars would demand that price however the stage 1 cars are probably closer to the $50,000 mark. I know there were 24 convertible anniversary cars and 31 t-top/hard top but I am not sure how many Berger and/or Tom Henry cars of each model. I would say you are definitely close in your prediction. Wasn’t sure the demand for these cars however it is the closest newer cars to COPO and Yenkos from the 60’s you can get with modern technologies.


Hi Greg, glad to find you. I have a '69 Z/28, probably a strong #2 car and I’m always struck by the apparent difference between the values that I see on the auctions and those from the Hagerty Valuation Tool. Could you speak to that please? Thanks.
BTW, I hope you guys are right. :+1:


Good morning! Z/28s have been an interesting one to track over the past year or so. Overall, I have noticed that 69 Z/28 prices have been tracking downward. I don’t think that the bottom is falling out like the auction transactions might suggest. To be honest many of the auction cars that have been popping up, in my opinion aren’t really all that notable. REALLY good cars with documentation have been selling for close to price guide values, while cars with questions or missing documentation pieces are more inconsistent. There were an abundance of cars which sold at Scottsdale and Kissimmee this month and I haven’t done any in depth analysis yet, my initial impression is that it looks promising that things are leveling off.


Greg, thanks for the prompt reply.

It does seem that Z/28 values are declining. One reason may be that they don’t seem to be a rare as they once were and the collector demographic is changing as well. Also, there seems to be a lot of undisclosed ‘tribute’ cars out there in the market which are often sold at lower than expected prices.

I don’t really follow the values closely as I’m not thinking of selling but for a short period after acquiring the car in 2015, I looked at the prices regularly, mostly to reassure myself of what a great deal I’d gotten. And at that time, and continuing today, there still seems to be a gap between the HVT prices and the rest of the world. I’ve read your protocol for valuation and it seems valid to me, just haven’t been able to reconcile the numbers.

Anyway, enjoy the forum and appreciate the efforts by you guys.





I think your suspicion of undisclosed tribute cars is probably closer to reality than you might think. I’m also suspicious of non-matching numbers cars out there that aren’t disclosed. Those cars, even if cosmetically excellent should be worth less than what our condition based rating system would suggest the value to be.

I appreciate the honest feedback. We’re a few weeks out from beginning review for the next update to the price guide. With a lot of good sales under our belt from Scottsdale, you can bet I’ll be scrutinizing these.