The campaign for real steering wheels

The stick shift is dead, and not a moment too soon. Three pedals for two feet? Take your hand off the wheel to swizzle-stick a knob around for the purpose of going faster, slower, or backwards? Manual transmissions were nothing less than lethal, responsible for millions of fender benders, hundreds of thousands of accidents, and countless killed or seriously injured. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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You’re doing it wrong. Ban automatic transmissions and distracted driving will no longer be an option.

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Interesting idea but not true, unless you think that people would stop using their phones. Which they wouldn’t.

I was walking on Pacific Avenue the other day. The lights were green on the main road, but no cars were moving. The lanes were all at least three cars deep, but no horns were honking. Everyone was staring at their own laps instead of the paying attention to the stoplights, so perhaps you have a point.