The car chase in Jack Reacher is every bit as thrilling as the combat


Marvin Gaye once sang, “There’s only three things that’s for sure: taxes, death, and trouble.” Jack Reacher never goes looking for it, trouble has a way of finding him. He’s well-versed in the art of fighting, and in probability: five people may have challenged him, but it isn’t really five against one, it’s three against one. First, he’ll take down the big guy. Then, two more will give it a shot, but their hearts won’t be in it. The last two will run. And you should pay the bar bill before you brawl with Jack Reacher, because you won’t be able to later. It would be better for everyone if they just walked away. “Remember. You wanted this.” And after seeing Reacher’s prowess behind the wheel equal his hand-to-hand combat, audiences wanted to see more of that, too.

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My husband and I DO NOT like Tom Cruise for his personal believes laid open to the public OFTEN - BUT he does do very good action films. That said - this car chase is top drawer…loved it when the car won’t start, he’s got the cops on his tail and the chopper above…can’t get much more heart pounding than that!! Sooooo we just may have to see this movie.


Great race,but they should have used the ls-6, 454 , I did hate to see the chevelle get crashed, as a owner of one, that made me sad.