The cars not to buy if you’re only in it for the money


We have good news and bad news for fans of classic Mercedes-Benz SL models. First, the good news: The 1955–63 190SL has not only escaped the dubious honor of holding the bottom spot in the Hagerty Vehicle Rating—at one point, the 190SL floundered in that unsettling position three rating periods in a row—it has escaped the Bottom 25 altogether. Now, the bad news: The 1968–71 Mercedes-Benz 280SL, 1972–80 350SL/450SL, and 1986–89 560SL have not been so fortunate.

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He is not hurting my feelings. I wanted a '66 Toronado since they came out and it took me 35 years to find the right one at the right time in my life. I will not loose money on this car.


Wow! Lots of pretty desirable cars on this list today. I always loved the 60’s Pontiacs and have bid on several at auctions. My older brother had a 60 Catalina 2 dr. hardtop in black with red interior, and it was really nice. I had a 64 Catalina Ventura 2 dr HT in blue–great highway car that I used to cover a few 1000 mile days back before we had freeways. I wonder how long it will be before we see the Tri Five Chevy’s on this list?


Regarding the 70-82 Pontiac Trans Am, IMHO it should have read “except the 73-74 Super Duty.”


I like that 66 Toro, love all Pontiacs and would give a body part for a Super Duty 455


They are certainly the most expensive from the generation, but the past couple years has seen a decline and eventual plateau in prices paid for Super Duty Trans Ams. While these are THE cars to own for the generation, the market has been rather sleepy for these cars too. Doesn’t mean I don’t desperately want one in my garage though.


I still can’t figure out why the Pantera isn’t valued more highly. It is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I finally realized my dream 12 years ago and got one and there is nothing like driving it along a long, curvy road.



When you don’t see one of these for a long time , you forget how cool they are !!
Sorry but that whole rear end is a beautiful thing to behold …


I have a 77 450SL Hardtop/Softtop and I luv driving it on a sunny day with the top off. Not to mention it’s just a classic looking car with the hardtop on as well. Compliments every time I drive it.


I would also point out that the SE / Y8# cars are actually on the rise (An no I’m talking about the crazy money Burt personal cars)


@TSTONE1967 You’re absolutely right. Those cars have been creeping up in value the past few years and have been more active than the rest of the generation. Even in this case, they haven’t been as actively appreciating as a year ago. The exception of the rule just hasn’t been enough to prop the rest of the generation’s rating up enough with our rating which is a data driven metric which takes into account auction activity, private sales and listings as well as quoting data.