The Cheetah Transporter was a wild car-hauling hot rod the world forgot


In Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter’s first book, The Cobra in the Barn, he wrote about an oddball car carrier that was almost forgotten by history. Known as the Cheetah Transporter, the funky-looking race car hauler was a kind of American hot-rod take on the 1954 Mercedes-Benz Rennabteilung transporter that brought the 300 SL to various races without needing a trailer.

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I wonder if my 1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah would fit?


An interesting aspect of this is the body design by Dave Deal… Deal used to cartoon cars with distorted shapes for MG Mitten ads in R&T… that turned into similar model kits for Revell under the name “Deal’s Wheels”. When we moved Recell to Des Plaines, IL, I contacted Dave… he was pretty odd fellow…


In the very early 60’s when I was in grade school I used to draw cars in my school notebooks. I drew a lot of this exact design with the idea of hauling a custom car or race car. I thought I was the only one ever to think of this.
Guess I was one of at least 2 of us!


The Mercedes has a certain Viking elegance to it but the Cheetah is just, um, well, just weird. It looks like something the Corvair division came up with.


I was watching on YouTube and what was cool was when this ended, and the window was full of other videos there was Jay Leno’s Garage with one of these. Actually an almost exact of the original in perfect condition. I loved watching Jay talking about his, the guy that made it and the original one.


@mrblixxx2000 - As a Corvair guy I really hate to agree with you, but you aren’t wrong.


I’m not a Corvair guy, and it looks like someone really ticked off the wrong Corvair fabricator… very high probability that its a blend of Van/panel and car on the sheet metal…Mercedes? Yeah, looks like it needs to be driving up the boat ramp with water splashing up as it goes…poor Mercedes, but thats probably just me :roll_eyes: