The Class of 1968 was a flashpoint for Detroit (and America)


With the 50th anniversary of the 1968 model year, the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals felt it was appropriate to hold a reunion of the performance cars that were produced for that model year. Indeed, Detroit had a killer year in 1968, as every manufacturer save American Motors had redesigned mid-size vehicles (AMC’s debuted the previous year). Plus, many performance variants achieved their all-time sales records.

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I really like the redesign of the 68-69 GTO/LeMans body, especially the convertibles. The lines and curves are outstanding and give the cars a great stance. And many 68-69 LeMans convertible can still be purchased for a pretty reasonable price with the 350 V8 engine. Maybe the next muscle car to make a price run?


68, 9, and 70 Dodge Chargers still look great today.


@cava3r4 That is one silhouette that has aged quite gracefully, I agree. I only wish they had built more of them so they weren’t so dang expensive these days!


What an honor it was to host this group of truly outstanding cars. Yes; 1968 was indeed a Pinnacle year for American Muscle!

And of course, next year we celebrate the 1969 model year; Whew!!