The Craftsmen Series: The Detailer – Derek Bemiss


Derek Bemiss modestly refers to himself as “just some street detailer from Huntington Beach,” but he’s so much more than that. The California detailer has worked on everything from Gremlins to Bugattis, and his skill is such that he put the finishing touches on Chip Foose’s Riddler Award-winning hot rod, “The Imposter,” at Autorama in 2015.

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Wow! Awesome to get a feel how the Pro’s do it!


Amazing to see such a humble guy so proud of what he does!! To work on Chip Foose Riddler car…WOW


Not to take anything AWAY from Mr. Bemiss, and I am sure I could learn something from him. but as a amateur detailer/painter/restorer, I for one would never use water on any car, unless it was a damp microfiber cloth, I have found it is corrosive, and watching the water flood the inner door panels of that red Corvette, made me think how those regulator tracks were being flooded in areas that really corrode while the water sits in there, not to mention electrical harness connections on a 40 or 50 year old collectable or show car, products like dry wash or similar, are not corrosive, excellent cleaners, and protective, it also spots any polished alloys it comes in contact with, just thought I would chime in, otherwise great info!