The day Tokyo came to New York City

My skin was sticky from being in the hot sun all afternoon, but the breeze through the open windows of the car felt cool against my face. Sal, a guy I’d met 20 minutes before, hung out of one window snapping rolling shots as my friend Dave hung out the other doing the same. I was pondering how I got here, in the backseat of this car, riding down the highway surrounded by a group of RX-7s, imported ‘90s Skylines, and the odd STI. Knowing I was an outsider to this world, but excited for the events to come.

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It sounds like an amazing day! Thank you for sharing such a fun experience with us. I love the pictures. The description of people’s reactions as they see the row of cars driving through Times Square was one of my favorite parts. I could picture myself being one of those people with a giddy expression on my face as the Mazdas drove by. Zoom Zoom.